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Murder at the Marina: A Quirky Cozy Mystery
Murder at the Marina: A Quirky Cozy Mystery

Murder at the Marina: A Quirky Cozy Mystery


4.30 (254 ratings)
What would you do if your hubby gave you the worst anniversary gift ever?
Mollie McGhie is hoping for diamonds for her tenth wedding anniversary. Instead, her clueless hubby presents her with a rundown boat. She's not impressed.
When she discovers someone murdered on board, things get even worse. Mollie hopes it will convince her husband to rethink his hare-brained scheme of sailing off into the sunset. Instead, he's more determined than ever to fix the boat up and set off to sea.
Poking her nose in where it doesn't belong, Mollie finds herself drawn into the tight-knit community living at Palm Tree Marina in Coconut Cove, a small town on the Florida coast. She uncovers a crime ring dealing in stolen marine equipment, eats way too many chocolate bars, adopts a cat, and learns far more about sailing than she ever wanted to.
Will Mollie be able to discover who the murderer is before her nosiness gets her killed?
Murder at the Marina is the first book in the hilarious Mollie McGhie mystery series. If you like quirky characters, adorable cats, and plenty of chocolate, you'll love this cozy mystery. Grab your copy today and laugh out loud from the first page to the last.
Spoiler Alert: You'll be craving brownies by the time you finish this book!
The Mollie McGhie Cozy Sailing Mysteries
Prequel—Robbery at the Roller Derby
#1—Murder at the Marina
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#3—Poisoned by the Pier#3.5—Buried by the Beach#4—Dead in the Dinghy#5—Shooting by the Sea#6—Overboard on the Ocean