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Ms. Money Bags
Ms. Money Bags

Ms. Money Bags


3.90 (13 ratings)
Nothing is more captivating than a man who can’t be bought.

A feel-good reverse-billionaire sweet romance you can't put down.

Presley Monroe has the world at her fingertips. Money, power, looks, she's got it all. In charge of her family’s billion dollar business and taking on every challenge with cool confidence, her feathers can’t be ruffled by anything or anyone.

Or so she thought.

Roped into a ridiculous business deal with a boy from her childhood, Hobie Brent, who has reappeared in her life as a handsome, strong willed–okay, stubborn–man, Presley is no longer as sure footed as she used to be. Hobie isn’t impressed by her power, position, or pocketbook. He's rumpled and disheveled, a little like a smart clueless architect, and he keeps getting in her way. Oh he's cute, but he is absolutely, positively nobody she would ever think about twice. Normally.

Hobie doesn't seem to get that she's the one in charge–in charge of this business deal, in charge of her life, and in charge of her emotions. On top of that he keeps disappearing, leaving her stranded, insulted, and wondering what secrets he’s hiding. While Presley tries to keep her mounting attraction to him under wraps, her friends can’t help but notice that he has turned her 1% lifestyle topsy turvy.

What happens when you have everything money can buy, but all you want is the one thing it can’t?

Presley is about to find out.