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Moving On (Wild Kings MC: 2nd Generation)
Moving On (Wild Kings MC: 2nd Generation)

Moving On (Wild Kings MC: 2nd Generation)


5.00 (4 ratings)

Children born into the Wild Kings MC experience a lot growing up – love and loss, safety and terror, happiness and sadness – all in equal measure.
There is nothing more painful and lingering than losing a loved one. Most of them grow up and move away to avoid past hurts and push through for a new way of life – a fresh start.
But sometimes, learning to live again means embracing your roots, no matter how sharp or deep they are. When a new chapter is formed, these Wild Kings kids may finally find the new start they’ve yearned for.


Kindle Customer

OMGosh!!!! I have never screamed so much in my life! I have never cried so many tears either. I fell in love all over again

Amazon Customer
Moving on, not just a prequel

Another book with all the feels that I was definitely not ready for it to end. It is not just a re-introduction to the next gen of the Wild Kings MC, but also answers some questions that were left open in other books in the series. Thanks for that! All the feels, but wasn't ready for it to end. Absolutely loved it, can't wait for the next one,,and hope to find out sooner than later what happened to our missing Sami.

Angie W
Awesome book

Awesome book! I cried all the way they this book! Love all the kids that are grown up! I hope Sami is found soon.