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4.30 (436 ratings)
This Alpha's gonna take a bite out of his brother's fake fiancée.

Sheltered Lucia is determined to find a new life and love. No wonder she falls for the first guy to flash her a wolfish smile her first day in the big city. After rescuing the charming shifter from certain death, she's sure he feels the same way about her, and will tell her so — just as soon as he wakes up from his coma. To stay by her instalove’s side in the hospital, Lucia pretends she's his bonded mate. This twist of the truth takes a turn when she meets her fake fiancé’s sexy older brother and wonders if she was a bit too hasty in declaring love-at-first-sight the first time.

For months, Jackson has sensed that his fated mate was near. When he enters his brother's hospital room, he instantly pounces on the beautiful, curvaceous woman there. He’s ready to mark her as his own until he discovers his brother may have gotten there first. The more Jackson gets to know Lucia, the more his doubts about the engagement grow. She has nothing in common with his wayward, lone wolf brother. But she sure does check every one of Jackson's boxes.

Lucia longs to explore her feelings for Jackson, but how can she turn her back on the comatose wolf she lied about being engaged to? Jackson's fighting a losing battle with his wolf to claim the woman who should be his. When he finds proof that Lucia isn't who she claims to be, can he still trust her with his heart? And what will happen when his brother, her fake-mate, wakes up?

Moonrise is the first in a paranormal romance series full of alpha men and the strong, capable women that bend them to their knees. If you like a touch of magic in your romance novels, then you’ll love the witches, fairies, and wolves in the dystopian world of the moonkind.

Buy Ines Johnson’s Moonrise today and find yourself caught in the moonglow of this paranormal romance filled with instalove gone hilariously wrong, overbearing families who’ll warm your heart, and the sensuous heat that only happens between fated mates.


If you like an innocent learning the world...

Obvious plot devices with a lot of angst is not my preference. Otherwise it's a nice story with good intentions and developed characters, but no surprises.

Loved ir

Innocent witch falls for wrong guy. Witch saves nice guy. Family loves nice witch. Brother mates her forever. Witch is in love. Just loved all the nuances and revelations.

Anita May Wallace
Good Enough

I liked the story with all its twists and turns. The sexually explicit scenes were overdone. The story was good without them and those scenes took away from the story. Her characters are very believable and so are their interactions. I liked most of the book with the exception of the sexual scenes.

Amazon Customer
Something new in the wolf shifter genre

How delightful that the end result of human wars results in ancient, fabled powers awakening. A young witch looking for understanding of her origins not only finds love and acceptance, but may get the chance to redeem her lost father.

Werewolves. Enough said.

I liked this book. Especially when she was at the train station. Hilarious. Quick read. Not sure if I will continue the series.

G Harvey

Really enjoyed reading. I actually read this before but for some reason it appeared in my unread library. I enjoyed reading it the second time as much as I did the first. Highly recommend reading.

Kindle Customer
I need a glossary

Too much world building but every little explanation of what was happening. I was like the who book was a high overview of another book.

Kindle Customer
Enjoyed this

This was a good read. Kept sneaking trying to read during break times. I wanted to finish & get to the end which opened to a segue for the next book.