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Moon Glamour (Samhain Shifters)
Moon Glamour (Samhain Shifters)

Moon Glamour (Samhain Shifters)


4.50 (78 ratings)
Can one lone wolf save the world from fae who feed on pack bonds?

Half-werewolf Athena has spent her entire adult life keeping her human sister off the local alpha's radar. But when the Samhain Shifters come to town, she's thrown off her game.

Tank isn't at all what Athena had come to expect from an alpha. Rather than throwing his weight around and taking from the little guys, he risks his skin to fight off deadly fae who slip into our world one night per year.

"Join us," Tank tempts, prompting butterflies to take flight in Athena's stomach. The gig would be a one-week commitment, the work a boon to the common good, the result insurance for her sister's future. But if Athena drops her standards and runs with wolves, will she ever be able to attain independence again?

The Samhain Shifter series can be read in any order, with adventure, mystery, and a happily ever after in every book. Moon Glamour is book one.


Robin G
Fantastic read

Love the mix of Fae and shifters.
Absolutely it's really read. Don't plan on taking a break. Looking forward to the next

Very enjoyable story

Being a werewolf who wants nothing to do with a pack makes life difficult. By accepting the fact that not all alphas are the same makes
life more acceptable.

Wolf fae

Yay, for the unicorn. Ok, back to business. General paranormal rules followed. The was a pack in need of a new Alpha.

I really enjoyed this descriptive story

I really enjoyed this descriptive story, I have the audio book and found the story captivating and interesting and full of action. The narrator has a lovely sweet voice and did a great job. Recommendation from me!!

Kindle Customer
Looks can be deceiving except to an open heart.

Aimee Easterling is a master story-teller, and this book proves it once again. How she manages to mix real life characters with huge seemingly insurmountable problems, and adding. Werewolves with their own difficultes and meshing everything together seamlessly. The plot is also a completely new twist on the possible danger the wolves could face, and brings out the very best in Athena, the hero in this story. If you enjoy werewolf books with amazing characters, a wonderful love story, wrapped in enough twists and tuns you'll truly enjoy this story. I've already pre-ordered book 2 - that's how much I enjoyed it!

Deb Barringer
Awesome start to a new series

Moon Glamour is the first book in Aimee Easterling's Samhain Shifters collection. This is a great start to an action packed, adventurous new series. True to form, Ms. Easterling puts a new twist on standard werewolf lore. The storyline is fast-paced and well written, filled with werewolves, fae, danger, intrigue, pack bonds, and a little romance. The characters are well developed and engaging. I can't wait for book 2 to see where this adventure goes!

Great start

This is the first book in a new series by this author and as always I will say I am happy when there is a new book by her. With plenty of action, adventure, suspense, romance Athena and Tank keep you pulled into the story and wanting to know what will happen next with them. I can not wait to read the next book in the series.

Tina Clark
Great read

This is the first book in Aimee Easterling’s Samhain Shifters urban fantasy/paranormal romance series. Although several of these characters were introduced in some of Easterling’s other shifter series, this story can be enjoyed on its own. And as always, the author has produced a fun, suspenseful shifter story with an exciting plot, plenty of action, suspense, a bit of romance, and a few laughs.