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Mine, All Mine: Hot Historical Romance
Mine, All Mine: Hot Historical Romance

Mine, All Mine: Hot Historical Romance

by and

4.20 (642 ratings)

A duke’s daughter in hiding. An ex-spy blinded by desire. Is it treason or true love?

Lady Lillian must abandon her decadent life to hide from her stepfather who wants to use her as the scapegoat for the ultimate sin against England.
Her years of playing in the kitchen as a child has paid off and she's found work as a cook’s assistant in the house of the Earl of Redwick, a man she’s never met in society. But her refuge is not as safe as it seems. When she finally meets the master of the house, she discovers the new Earl of Redwick could be a danger to her masquerade... and her heart.

As a second son, Dominic never expected to inherit, but now he must adapt to life as a gentleman of leisure, and he hates it. His days of spying for the crown are over, except for one last secret mission right here in London. Find the missing daughter of a duke and her traitor stepfather.

But Lady Lillian isn't missing; she’s hiding right under his nose as his lovely new cook’s assistant. To bring her stepfather to justice, Dominic needs Lilly’s help. Can he resist temptation and keep his focus on the mission or will his growing attraction to Lilly put both their lives at risk? 

Mine, All Mine is book 1 of the Fated for Love Regency Romance Series. If you like intrigue, suspense, adventure, and sizzling romance, then you’ll love Dayna Quince’s debut novel.

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Fated for Love Series
Book 1: Mine, All Mine
Book 2: Sweet Torture
Book 3: Storm on the Horizon
Book 4: To Love, Honor, and Obey
*Previously published under the pen name Ella J. Quince


Sheryl C.
Has it all! Loved it!

Wonderful sizzling romance! I loved it! Loved All the characters! Adventure, betrayal, danger, retribution, all the elements you love in a period romance. Kept my interest all the way through.

Kindle Customer
Excellent and Fastpace

This story is well written. It includes a very good romance story. The characters are incredibly interesting and realistic. It was not easy to anticipate the next steps in the story which make it a fun read. I really appreciate the way this author writes. I will definitely look for more books written by this author.

Cynthia L. Bogner
A little bit of a mixed bag

On the positive side. It was a unique story line. The book started out quite solid, but somewhere around the time the hero and heroine hie off to the country estate, the threads of the plot and characters started to fray.

The dialogue became kind of juvenile with adults talking like middle-schoolers. The plot became more contrived and it sometimes felt like everything plus the kitchen sink was thrown into the mix. Characters did things that seemed out of character or at least random.

I never understood why Lilly had to wear the necklace at a ball to present to the prince regent. It seemed a strange way to return the necklace and an illogical way to draw out the villain. That whole traitor mess and the duchess marrying the villain and the absent heir. It was too much. This book needed some focus. And an epilogue.

Still there was something catchy about it, and this one was free. I will read the next in the series.

J. Bozán
Love this book!

Coming and Lilly what a perfect match. I wish it could go on and on. I would've love for Hollow to go before the Crown Prince . what a creepy guy. Thanks for the great reads.

Dee Bell
Mkne all mine

I like historical romance books. This one was predictable and a “happily ever after.” Just what I like to occasionally replace the evening news which is awful ever after. Thank you Dayna Quince.

darlene foster
debut book

Mine, All Mine, by Ella J. Quince, was her debut book in 2012. It's been published under 3 different names, Ella J. Quince, Dayna Quince, & D.L. Rose. Confusing to say the least. Mine, All Mine is book 1 in the Fated For Love series, which I believe ran 4 books long. It's not a bad book but I'm jaded from many years of reading historical romance stories. Ms Quince writes well and the historical inaccuracies can be forgiven to a certain extent. A good editor might have made a big difference. I wasn't terribly interested in the main characters. The slow start with not enough background information did it for me. The hero went from tortured to lecher in about 60 seconds. Her smart mouth makes it impossible to believe she could hide in a kitchen as a cook. These 2 characters were ok but I couldn't get caught up in their problems. I did find 2 of the secondary characters interesting enough to check into their stories. Amazon provides this e-book as a freebie if you'd like to check it out.

Aleen Moreland
Mine, All Mine

An excellent adventure filled with plot twists & suspense. The major characters are strong & well written.
An enjoyable book.

Good thing this was free

I'll give the author some credit, because the premise was interesting enough that I did finish the book, but it was very badly written! Flat dialogue, plot inconsistencies, one dimensional characters, hanging plot threads, and very abrupt attempts to resolve not just the main plot but events throughout the book.

Kindle Customer
Romance and Adventure

I loved the characters! I would have enjoyed more of the story. I wanted to know how Lilly's mother died. Did she have a dowry? What happened to her cook? How did she escape? Was the house hers? Did she live happily ever after? Children? What happened to her friends reputation? And the backstory of the "Aunt"??? Did she get just due???

The steamy parts weren't overdone. It was a sweet love story.

I loved the interaction between then hero, heroine, friends and servants.

I would absolutely recommend this book.

Cute Regency Romance

This was a cute story. Some steamy scenes and a bit of “who done it” but I just like that it was quick to read and not difficult to follow along with.