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Midnight Shores on Whisling Island
Midnight Shores on Whisling Island

Midnight Shores on Whisling Island


4.60 (323 ratings)

Whisling Island is a beautifully enchanting place, one of healing and growth.

Allen is coming home. And sweet Lily is beside herself in joyful, anxious anticipation. After preparing for his homecoming, ensuring that their reunion will be perfect, Lily is thrown a curveball. One she isn't sure how to recover from. With Lily and Allen so close to getting their lives back, will one person ruin it all?

Alexis has finally found true love, after years of the precious, blissful state eluding her. But as her love with Dalton blossoms, it creates a divide between Alexis and her mother. And it appears that her mother doesn't want to overcome it while Dalton is in the picture. How does she choose between her mother and the love of her life?

Olivia is also in a new relationship. But even as her feelings are growing stronger and love seems to be on the horizon, a storm is headed her way. Olivia doesn't know if her fledging new romance can survive the trial. And if she's really honest with herself, does she want it to?

Bess is thriving. Her son is finally marrying the woman of his dreams, and her food truck is busier than ever. But during a visit with her therapist, Bess realizes she's ignoring a huge void in her life and her heart. And the reason why? Fear. Can Bess overcome that fear and find an even fuller joy? Or will she continue to let fear hold her right where she is?

Join the women of Whisling Island as they continue to prove just how courageous and strong they are in this next installment of the Whisling Island series. Grab your copy of Midnight Shores on Whisling Island today!