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Merrying in Alaska: (A Christmas Novella - An Alaska Dream Romance Book 2.5)
Merrying in Alaska: (A Christmas Novella - An Alaska Dream Romance Book 2.5)

Merrying in Alaska: (A Christmas Novella - An Alaska Dream Romance Book 2.5)


4.50 (56 ratings)

A woman who loves Christmas. And a neighbor who needs cheering.When Leah returns to Alaska after years as a travel writer, she plans to make her log cabin a home. Christmas decorations fill every room. She spreads the holiday spirit by cooking for her neighbor. Having failed at romance in the past, she isn’t looking for love now. After losing his hotel management job right before Christmas, Ben’s staying in a friend’s cabin to lick his wounds and consider his options. The cute woman in the neighboring cabin is appealing, but he may need to leave the state for work. Is there a way for them to have a merry future together?Merrying in Alaska is a stand-alone book that can also be read as book 2.5 in the sweet and clean Alaska Dream Romance series. If you like charming holiday stories, adorable kittens, and happy endings, then you’ll love this novella. Includes two cookie recipes! Start reading Merrying in Alaska to bring Christmas joy today!This is a standalone book which is part of a series. It’s clean and wholesome with no sex or swearing. The author is from Alaska, so she knows the real Alaska.Alaska Dream Romances
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Previously published as a book by Shannon L. Brown.
Merrying in Alaska Excerpt:
Chapter One
A loud meow came from the floral-patterned cat carrier on the seat next to Leah Kinkaid. “We’re almost home, Cocoa. Life will be good soon.” Another, softer mew seemed to confirm that the tiny, black kitten acknowledged and agreed with her words. At least Leah hoped it was agreement. She and Cocoa had met a mere two hours earlier, so their love language had yet to be set. 
Her plans for the day had gone perfectly. She only needed to unload her suit-case, the human food, Cocoa’s food, cat box and other gear, then settle into home.
New home. New hope. Those words flowed through her. Sure, she’d bought the log cabin north of Wasilla, Alaska, a couple of years ago and visited a few times—a total of eight days—but it had just been a stop in her travels around the globe. 
Today it was her world. Leah had come home to stay. 
She flipped on her right turn signal, slowly pressed the brake pedal, and the car successfully stopped without sliding on an icy patch. She hadn’t lost her Alaskan driving skills. Her glee turned to disappointment when she looked to her right. 
Thigh-deep snow, a blanket of white touched only by a few branches that must have fallen in a recent storm, stretched to her right, giving no indication that a gravel driveway hid beneath its depths. She pulled as far to the side on the road as she dared without getting stuck. It only served other houses in the area so it shouldn’t be too busy. 
“I’ll be done by eleven o’clock,” her snow plow operator had promised. Leah’s wrist watch read 1:15 p.m.
As Leah reached for the phone, hidden somewhere in the oversized purse that doubled as a carry-on, a slightly beat-up red pickup with a snow plow attached to the front came from the opposite direction. The driver waved as he turned in and began plowing her drive.
“Great, Cocoa. He’s late. Now we get to spend some not-so-quality time together while we watch him plow.”
Cocoa howled with all the intensity her little lungs could manage.  
“We’ll be inside soon. Our perfect Christmas is almost here. Don’t worry.” Chapter One Continues. . .


Kindle Customer
A wonderful story

The Alaska series is truly enjoyable. Full of love,romance, an obstacle or two to overcome and best of all, a happily ever after ending

Don't jumpto conclusions

A cute holiday feel good story with aa happily ever after ending after a we bit of angst. These two, Ben and Leah have their own view on the holiday and each jump to the wrong conclusion.

Wren Woodland
Love finds you unawares

A short sweet novella with insta love. Leah is finally ready to quit living out of a suitcase being a travel writer and move full time to the cabin she bought in Alaska. Ben has just been replaced as GM of the hotel he managed by the owner’s newly graduated son. He went to hang out for a few days in his friend’s cabin- which just happened to be right next door to Leah who loved to cook and bake. Neither were in a position for a relationship and Ben knew he was leaving as soon as he found another position , Florida maybe?

Leah & Ben

I loved the setting, Alaska is fascinating. The characters are interesting, and fun to get to know, and the story is a well told HEA. Enjoy!

Sue Strassburger
Great Read

The author is very descriptive. Scenario and characters seemed real. Recommend for a quick enjoyable read. All of this author’s books are entertaining.

Love it!!!!

Sweet story!!! Another great one!! Loving this author! She's giving me a love for the characters as well as Alaska- a state I've never been to, but because of her writing want to :D The story of Leah and Ben is for sure a sweet one you don't want to miss! :)

Alaskan series

Love that this series is set in Alaska.


This is a good story with some twists and turns that keeps you reading. It is easy to get caught up in Leah's Christmas fun.

Judy Emig
Happy book

This book was a nice easy read. It was a feel good book. I could really feel how cold it was in Alaska, also how beautiful it was.