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Mayhem and Murder, Ink
Mayhem and Murder, Ink

Mayhem and Murder, Ink


4.50 (2 ratings)

Five amazing cozy murder mystery first in series FREE:

Welcome to the cutest town in America, Reading, VT! Meet Fiona Fleming, her flatulent pug, Petunia, and her sparkly on the outside home town in award-winning Bed and Breakfast and Murder!

Who knew a new job could be murder? Petal Morgan's about to find out in The After Hours Deception!

Retired Guild Artemis Inquisitor Georgia Drake is done with mayhem and murder... too bad they aren't done with her! Read more in this paranormal cozy, Dead Even!

The Monday triunity of Maiden/Mother/Crone doesn't include the odd fourth girl, Phoebe--who happens to have a nose for murder! Read all about it in Merry Little Mystic Murder!

What happens when a psychic blogger and debunker comes to town? Murder, that's what! Check out Social Medium!

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