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Loving the Scarred Soldier
Loving the Scarred Soldier

Loving the Scarred Soldier


4.40 (248 ratings)
Much more than a childhood friend…can there be a second chance for Lady Charlotte and James?
Lady Charlotte Tate has returned to the protection of her father’s roof after the death of her husband. Broken-hearted, she seeks to find a new beginning where it all began – Caldor House – the place where she first loved and lost. However, things aren’t as they used to be. When her former governess falls ill, and Charlotte decides to be her nurse, she is drawn into the secrets lurking in the shadows of the woman’s home, and the truth no one has dared tell her.

James Watts no longer exists; at least that is how he wishes it. Scarred in the Napoleonic Wars, and having lost his only love, Charlotte, he has cloistered himself in the recesses of his family home. Hidden away from the stares and horror of his neighbors at his now marred features, he has chosen to live a life in secret. Until Charlotte’s return and the longing for more, that she elicits inside of him, threatens to derail his plans to remain hidden.

Now they must face the scars of their past in order to have a future, but someone wants to keep them apart. Can this pair find love once more, or will they relive a past of love and loss?

First book in the new Second Chance Regency Romance series! Get your copy today!