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Love, Lacey Donovan
Love, Lacey Donovan

Love, Lacey Donovan


4.20 (30 ratings)
Book boyfriends are better. 
If you don’t believe me, I will kindly direct you to the romance section of Hyperboles Bookshop where we stock an abundance of boyfriends to choose from.
You like abilicious football stars? We’ve got you covered.More into the brooding Navy Seals? Right this way.You say you like them with fangs? I’m not here to judge.
And don’t try to tell me that book boyfriends aren’t as good as the real thing, because I can prove you wrong. First, they can’t break your heart. Second, they can’t get another girl pregnant and dump you in the most cowardly way possible. Third, well…they always guarantee a happy ending, right?
For those who still doubt me, I have three words for you: Jamie, Gideon, and Christian.
Let’s face it real men just can’t compare to the heroes between the pages. No matter how good they are between the sheets, they are bound to mess up eventually. 
And just because Beckett Vinroot—with his washboard abs, cute dimples and sexy Clark Kent glasses—looks like he could be on the cover of a romance novel, it doesn’t mean I should give him a chance.
Author's Note: Welcome to Mossy Oak, North Carolina, the most perfect—and I’m not saying that just because I created it—small town in the world. Mossy Oak has something for everyone. There are parks for outdoorsy types, vineyards for the wine guzzlers, uh, I mean lovers, the most wonderful bookshop, and a hot yoga studio where you can get your zen on. But the best thing about Mossy Oak? The people who live there. And I can't wait for you to meet them all.