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Love Affair in Las Vegas
Love Affair in Las Vegas

Love Affair in Las Vegas


4.30 (10 ratings)
Does what happen in Vegas truly stay in Vegas?

Desperate to give her daughter a better life, single mom Dawn has clawed her way to manager at a NYC top hotel, but it’s just a steppingstone. An invite to the Marietta Hotels Conference in Vegas should give her the edge for her next opportunity. Only she hadn’t counted on a sizzling attraction to the man with her dream job.

Bentley’s always had a need to care for others, something he excels at as the Marietta Hotel’s Head Manager. While he loves his job, it can’t quite fill the void in his life for the love of a family. His heart’s been shattered too many times, and he’s given up on trying to find love.

Dawn isn’t interested in sleeping her way to the top, but when Bentley shows her the desire is mutual, she figures a weekend fling can’t hurt. Dawn’s sweet smile and brazen demeanor make Bentley want to risk his heart again, but he fears he wants more than she is willing to give. Can he convince her he’s worth more than a few days in Vegas, or does what happens in Vegas truly stay in Vegas after all?