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Lost Souls
Lost Souls

Lost Souls


4.40 (3 ratings)
There are things in this world you're not prepared to face.

When a friend on the police force refers the anxious grandmother of a missing girl to him, Jack Dahlish knows it's a case the police can't solve. A case that will involve suspects the police can't handle. He takes the job, and sets out on the trail of the abductor.

Visiting the playground that little Penny was taken from, Jack picks up on clues that only he can see. The silver coin he wears around his neck gives him the ability to see the supernatural creatures that live among us, and he finds the traces of one at the spot the girl disappeared. Something strong, that he's never encountered before.

Soon, he is approached by a reporter also looking into the disappearance. Could this girl be the latest in a string of kids being snatched with no trace of who, or what, is taking them? Jack races to find out before another child can be taken. Whoever is behind this crime, he's the only person in San Antonio with the power to stop them.