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Lion Heart
Lion Heart

Lion Heart


4.60 (156 ratings)
He went to jail for her, now she intends to pay him back.
SebastianOut of jail after three years locked up, I’m burning for freedom. Before, I’d wanted commitment. Marriage. Babies. A woman who could never be mine. No more. Now my only plan is to live it up.
But at the probation office, a desperate woman pleads for help while a toddler clings to her skirts.She’s a stranger. Not my problem. No way should I be listening in.Except…I know her. She’s the reason I went to prison. Now I have a chance to find out why.RoseMy twenty years on the planet have given me few gifts, aside from the ability to con. The moment I know Sebastian Fitzroy is out of jail, I’m on my way to intercept him. I’ve waited a long time to see him again, even if he has no idea who I am or how, years ago, he’d saved my skin.I plan on giving Sebastian the only thing of value I have—my body. What sex-starved ex-con could refuse? After that, we’re square.I didn’t count on having to rescue my kidnapped niece along the way. Or fix my broken sister. I hate asking for help, but maybe just once I can’t lie or cheat my way out of this situation alone.--
Lion Heart is an ex-con romance, high on heat and sexy Scots. HEA guaranteed.
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