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Leading Remote Teams: Embrace the Future of Remote Work Culture
Leading Remote Teams: Embrace the Future of Remote Work Culture

Leading Remote Teams: Embrace the Future of Remote Work Culture


4.90 (20 ratings)
Here's How You Can Take Your Remote Leadership Skills To Another Level!Let's face the harsh reality. We are cruising through uncharted waters.What started as a brief two-week quarantine has turned into a year-long pandemic that has changed how we work and communicate forever.Remote work has become a crucial part of every business that wants to survive in this ever-changing reality. And it's up to the leaders to make working from home work for everyone involved.Those who manage to adapt will thrive; those who struggle will be left behind. The choice is simple.Discover The Ultimate Virtual Leadership Guide For Successfully Leading Virtual Teams by Alexis Gerst!When it comes to leading remote teams, working remotely, and making sure that your team does not lose its identity, you, as a leader, have to be the first to adapt, inspire, and motivate. But first of all, you will have to accept that remote work is here to stay.You might consider yourself a great manager, but virtual leadership is a different beast. Even the most productive, focused, and result-driven workers find it hard to maintain the same levels of laser-focused productivity - especially if working from home is an entirely new concept for them (and their families).So, Why Invest In A Virtual Team Leadership Guide? Here Are 7 Key-Reasons:✅ Learn Why Remote Leadership Matters During These Times Of Uncertainty✅ Discover The Hidden Advantages To Remote Work✅ Understand How To Build Trust In A Digital EnvironmentReconnect Your Virtual Team And Keep Everyone Focused On Your Goals✅ Implement Proven Tactics For Delivering Results In A Remote Environment Communicate Better And Hold Meetings With A Purpose✅ Avoid Common Remote Management Mistakes And Prepare Your Team For The Future"Trust Is The Foundation For Leadership In All Environments" - Alexis GerstAdjusting to the new virtual work framework is the key to unlocking your team's full potential and avoiding common pitfalls. And Alexis Gerst, the author of this game-changing remote team management guide, has left no stone unturned in leading effective virtual teams.By the end of this eye-opening remote work leadership guide, you will be able to inspire, motivate, and keep your high-performing team running like a well-oiled machine.Packed with practical tips for managers - including email communication tips and virtual meeting tips - this easy-to-follow virtual management book will allow you to face all future challenges with confidence.The Remote Revolution Has Started - Are You Ready?Scroll Up, Click "Buy Now," And Invest In Your Remote Leadership Skills Today!


Personal interaction is as important as ever when leading remote teams.

In Leading Remote Teams, Alexis Gerst offers insights and ideas for how every member of a remote team can influence the mission and create value. I enjoyed the equation Trust= Likability + Reliability. I’m definitely putting her suggestions into practice as I lead my team.

N. D.
Remote working is the new normal, how to effective lead remotely

Remote working is not a new concept. It's actually been around for decades. However, the pandemic created a need for remote work across all industries and all companies forcing workers, leaders, and companies to be more agile and adopt a newer form of work.

Alexis has provided a great guide for leaders on not just how to effectively manage and lead remotely, but how to deliver results and thrive in this new environment. Leading Remote Teams effectively walks you through why remote leadership is here to stay, the advantages and disadvantages to having to lead reotely, but also gives you a roadmap of how to navigate this different work environment.

Trust and clear, effective communication is key and Alexis walks you through how to do exactly that. By being transparent and connecting with your team and giving them purpose, any leader is able to encourage and empower their teams to deliver amazing results within a remote work environment.

Whether you are a remote leader or a remote team member, I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to enhance their virtual leadership skills.

Looking to enhance remote leadership skills? This is for you.

Alexis has written a book that not only provides great leadership advice in general, but lays the framework to continue the culture of leadership in the remote environment. She describes why it’s important to maintain visual comradery with your team instead of defaulting to text communications. She also outlines steps for the how involved in fostering a productive team environment remotely. As she mentions, remote work is here to stay and this book will benefit any team looking to enhance virtual leadership.

Utah Mom
Easy read with solid tips for virtual leadership

I have heard some of these success tips in the past, however I love how Alexis pulls together all the information in one easy to read book. From clearly defining the importance of establishing trust for leadership to tactics for delivering results remotely, Alexis clearly and concisely provides solid advice for success. I’ve applied some of the tactics in my virtual teams and already have seen some immediate success. A highly recommended book for anyone who is leading teams in this remote environment!

Tracy Nichols
Excellent leadership tips in a virtual environment

Alexis does a great job of sharing her experience and insight as an Air Force officer leading a virtual work force. Her tips and suggestions provide excellent tools to better equip leaders to engage, motivate, and stay connected with the teams they lead.

Teleworking is here to stay - how to get the best out of yourself and your teams!

Remote work, or telework, is here to stay. This book provides concrete actions that leaders can take to get the most from teleworking teams and from themselves for the good of their mission or company. Based on research and experience, the author demonstrates the goodness that can be found for employees, employers, and companies as many opt to continue teleworking for the foreseeable future.

Bryan sodders
Gateway to transformation to be a leader in the future

If you have been out front leading for years, or you just got in the drivers seat this book is for you. We are embarking on a new era of leadership and it is time to transform. This book give you a great insight to stay at the top of your game while leading your team virtually. The book provides a great outline to support and aid any leader at any level. If you are wanting to improve your leadership capability and stay tuned up for the change of times this is a must read....


As a long-time leader of remote teams (10+ years), I was impressed with Alexis' insights and perspectives. As an experienced Supply Chain Logistics Manager, she understands the culture of teams and how to bolster the feeling of unity and shared goals even in a remote environment. Highly recommend this book for anyone leading a remote team, but also anyone who is a part of a remote team.