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Lady Wallflower
Lady Wallflower

Lady Wallflower


4.50 (604 ratings)
A TOP 100 Amazon Bestseller

Lady Jo Danvers has declared war on her humdrum life. Armed with a list of ways to be wicked, she will step out of her role as never-been-kissed wallflower and experience passion. With the right gentleman, of course. She just has to find him.

Mr. Elijah Decker, the handsome businessman she cannot stop thinking about, is definitely no gentleman. And he is decidedly all wrong. Unfortunately for Jo, she has unwittingly given him her list.

When Decker discovers Jo’s list mistakenly tucked between the pages of a pamphlet for the Lady’s Suffrage Society, he is intrigued. And after she realizes her error and storms his office demanding he return it, Decker agrees on one condition: that she accept his aid in crossing off each scandalous act.

What begins as a lark quickly sizzles into something deeper and unexpected. But Decker’s dark side may tear them apart before Jo’s sinful quest is complete…

Heat level: Smoking hot! Don't say you weren't warned.

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Now and Forever!

An amazing love story so full of all the good things I have come to expect in a story by this author, who just doesn't disappoint
As for the characters, well, Jo and Decker will invite themselves into your heart and stay there, "now and forever".

wickedly sexy

Scintillating. Wicked. Sexy. Passionate. Romantic! Scarlett Scott is always a must read for me.

Lady Jo or as Decker likes to call her Josie or Bijou is wickedly gorgeous and holds her own and more with Decker who is sinfully attractive with a disreputable character but deep down honourable and good hearted.

A wicked list in the wrong hands or as it turns out the right hands leads to an unexpected and wonderous, sizzling joyful love story.

Loved it!

This is a wonderfully written and well researched novel. I loved the characters and the vivid descriptions. The happy ending sealed it.


Hold on to your panties and read with a bucket of water nearby because the pages could go up in flames.

Kindle Customer
Second book

Second book I've read by this author and I will continue reading them. Decker is delicious and Josie was a sweetheart.

Amazon Customer
Another masterpiece

Passion and fire are written in these lines. Scarlett has done it again within this series. Continuing to book 3

Lady wallflower book 2

This was a fun romance that kept you turning the pages. The situation was novel and oh so much fun to see how it developed and how the characters and the relationship developed.

Carol A. Seddens
Sizzling Heartfelt Romance

I love these characters! Decker is a dangerously handsome confirmed bachelor dedicated to sensual pleasure. Lady Jo is a shy wallflower tired of merely watching as friends and family find love and passion. So she makes a list of eight wicked wishes which she accidentally delivers to Decker, who's already intrigued by her. What could possibly go wrong?