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Kiss of Moonlight: an Etruscan Magic novel
Kiss of Moonlight: an Etruscan Magic novel

Kiss of Moonlight: an Etruscan Magic novel


4.10 (168 ratings)
A beauty on the run… A beast on the hunt…

Stalked by kidnappers, Tamra McMillan needs a safe haven. When tattooed bad-ass Kyle Rossini steps into her life, the last thing she expects to find is sanctuary in his arms. In fact, everything about him screams danger. But appearances can be deceiving. The tender possessiveness of his touch, the hunger in his eyes and the scorching sensuality of his kiss give her the sense of security she’s been missing.

Wolf shifter Kyle has always been a loner. He’s the werewolf king’s assassin with a killer’s instincts. The last thing he needs is a mate who could be in danger because of him. Until he meets Tamra. She needs him more than he needs his solitude. When Tamra, battered but not broken, stumbled into his world and tumbled into his bed, she captured his heart. Now, he wants to brand her as his for life. Nothing—not kidnappers or visions of his possible death—will keep him from claiming her…forever.


Kindle Customer
Interesting shifter romance

I liked the story. I loved the character of Kyle, and admired Tamra. The other characters are also great, especially Cat.
However, I found the story a bit difficult to follow, partially because of typos (Tamra's family name changed, still not sure if Ty and Tivr are the same person or not, missing words in sentences) and partially because not much history is explained, about Kyle or Tamra or the supernatural world. Perhaps it's in other books?
Many questions are not resolved, I assume on purpose, but Tamra and Kyle get their HEA.
All in all a satisfying quick read but not really fleshed enough.

Standalone. Third person all knowing pov. Some mild and non graphic violence. Steamy.


Pulls you in and doesn’t let go. Not for younger readers. Very well written and enjoyable. Love how it pulls you in.

Kindle Customer
Kiss of moonlight

Finding your true love and finding out who is trying to kill you while trying to have a normal life and love of mate

Unanswered questions

Due to the kidnapping and rape, the story line did not seem realistic: Tamra’s recovery was too swift. There are major unanswered questions. ‘Who tried to kidnap Tamra and why?’ , and ‘Who are the bad guys, or rather, the “bad female?”. .I hope everything is answered in the next book . Not sure if book 2 is a Yay or nay.