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Ketogenic Cleanse in 20 Minutes: Delicious Recipes for Different Lifestyles
Ketogenic Cleanse in 20 Minutes: Delicious Recipes for Different Lifestyles

Ketogenic Cleanse in 20 Minutes: Delicious Recipes for Different Lifestyles


3.70 (30 ratings)

”informative and well explained... a good manual for all beginners of the Keto diet”--5 Stars, Readers’ Favorite

Stay in ketosis—not the kitchen! Health can be yours today . . .

Looking for the perfect ketogenic cleanse? An easy-to-follow, no-nonsense regimen that will get you fit and allow you to continue enjoying your meals? Fear that it may not exist? Well, it does . . . and change is one click away.

The popularity of keto diets continues to skyrocket, and this global phenomenon indicates that more people than ever are getting back to the basics of healthy eating. Author and advocate Krysten Harlow has prepared the ultimate guide to keto recipes, allowing you to boost your health without the need for ‘sacrifice’. You won’t be disappointed!

Inside you’ll learn:

  • Different ketogenic types and how to tailor meals to each . . .
  • Recipes that take a max. of 20 minutes, making dinner stress-free, mess-free fun . . .
  • Super foods to double up on . . .
  • Danger foods to watch out for . . .
  • How to sidestep common pitfalls . . .

You’ll love the results and still love your life! Watch the weight come off while still enjoying all your favorite foods. Prepare for transformation . . .

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Good for beginners

This is a collection of quick and easy Keto recipes. It starts with a quick but informative intro of what keto diet is and how it works. The recipes are easy and the ones I have made are pretty good. These cover breakfast, snacks and entrees. Don't be put off if the ingredients list seems long, they really are easy to put together! A few recipes are seasonal (I have not seen pumpkin "noodles" in the freezer section). There are even a couple that can satisfy your sweet tooth a bit. I recommend this to people that are beginners in the kitchen.
I received a free copy for an honest voluntary review.

Jamie Bee
Not a 20-Minute Keto Cleanse

First, this book is not about a keto cleanse in 20 minutes whatsoever! It is actually mostly a book of keto recipes meant for four different types of keto dieters: standard, targeted, cyclical, and high protein. The author does define these at the beginning of the book.

Interestingly, I received a review copy that is different from the published version that I see at Amazon. My PDF did not contain the sections on keto diet benefits, macronutrient balance, or vegan keto (including the few recipes that I could see in that chapter in the Look Inside feature at Amazon). I'm not sure what else might be different between my copy and the published one, so unfortunately, my review might be partially inaccurate because of what I was not given.

I thought the introductory sections were poorly written. The author tends to write in a somewhat bizarre, circular, and repetitious style. Check out the Look Inside feature at Amazon to see what I'm talking about. Her logic doesn't always make sense, and she doesn’t fully explain enough things to truly help. There were issues as well with the recipes. While most appeared appropriate for the type of keto diet she had it under, some were not. For instance, one recipe that was supposed to be for targeted Keto—meant for an athlete who specifically eats more carbs 30 minutes before a workout—didn't have that many carbs; it was a recipe with Brussels sprouts as the star with nothing else terribly carb-y in the recipe. The ingredient lists were written in both imperial and metric (alternating between the two), and the ingredient lists were not in the same order as the way they were used in the recipe. The directions were often terrible. For instance, one recipe said to bake the dish but didn't give the temperature that the oven should be at. Of course, even when she did give up in temperatures, sometimes it was in a convoluted line like this: “Oven-bake in a 350°F heat (3-5 mins).” The author does give scant nutritional information, but she couldn't even keep this consistent. Sometimes she breaks down the nutrition by the number of macronutrient grams while at other times she gives the percentages of each in the recipe. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to this. So while this cookbook has some keto friendly recipes, they aren't the best quality.

I received a free copy of this book, but that did not affect my review.

some interesting recipes

I will not follow the keto diet, even though my friend lost 30 pounds so far. I do not want to live without my (home baked) bread. I think leaving out a whole group of foods is not healthy. But there are some interesting recipes in the book, that I will try out.

Amazon Customer
Keto friendly Cookbook

This Keto friendly cookbook is chock full of delicious sounding recipes that I can’t wait to make for my son-in-law.

Joanne Massey
Seems okay

Some recipes are okay but many are difficult and time consuming. I prefer keeping it simple. I will try the hash ones. They seem different.

Moira Washington
Good Read

It was informational and succinct. It addressed the different types of keto and when to apply. I love the recipes.

Tiffaney Watts
A Great Reference Point

FYI - I received this book for review by the author.

I have been living the Ketogenic way of life for more than two years. I wish I had this book when I first started. I took the ketogenic diet as a one way only diet. If I had this book I would have had a better understanding of how to "do" keto the way that works best for me. The information was great and I tried several of the recipes and they were delicious. I mean who would have thought of Bacon-Mustard Glaze... YUM! I would recommend anyone who wants a better understanding about the different ways to do the ketogenic diet start with this book.

Great Book!

Very easy to make recipes especially if you are a beginner. I’ve actually discovered that I enjoy being in the kitchen and cooking these meals which took me by surprise.