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Katie: Clover Springs Book 1 (Clover Springs Mail Order Brides)
Katie: Clover Springs Book 1 (Clover Springs Mail Order Brides)

Katie: Clover Springs Book 1 (Clover Springs Mail Order Brides)


4.40 (309 ratings)
The Irish Famine tore apart her family...Her abusive uncle threatens her life…Her only escape is to the west…To get there she must marry a stranger… Options are limited for Irish beauty, Katie O’Callaghan. After losing her family to the Irish Famine, she arrives in America with her younger sister Cathy. Her uncle, rather than provide shelter, provides misery and abuse. Forced to head west, she refuses to leave Cathy behind risking a kidnapping charge on top of everything. Daniel Sullivan needs a wife, the bank insists they will only finance his business if he gets married. What's he to do when the woman he's interested in is promised to another? Other books in the Clover Springs Series Currently 12 books long, each stand alone story builds on the previous story with favorite characters continuing the themes. Clover Springs is a special town where happy endings are guaranteed. Almost always! Read about Katie’s Irish friends Mary, Sorcha, Emer, Laura and more as they make their way west to find a new life. What Readers are saying: I loved this series. I get to know all the different personalities, and the lovely community they live in is a perfect escape. That's why I read, to escape. Rachel has created a town I would like to visit, and get to meet all the character of Clover Springs. This was a great series! The characters are interesting; and in addition to romance, there is mystery and action that will keep you turning pages. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the books I will state that these are nothing like the short story mail order bride stories & each has a different type adventure that brings them to Clover Springs and the adventure when they read there.All are well written & Such a joy.



Wonderfully written and a great story. Ireland suffered terrible and the people who were able to leave for a supposedly better life, did so. This story follows two girls who went to America, their sacrifices and final destination. Its a wonderful rendition that held me captivated to the end.

Loved The Story!

I liked the story. The characters are well developed and the story line is believable. Read this. Easy in a day

Karen Marie review
Cute mail order bride story

I love an old west love story. This is a very PG story so if you don't like smut this is a good one. My one complaint is the constant use of the word varmint.

Great read

Loved the adventure and turn of events in this book. Great story, didn’t want to put it down! I hope to read more of Rachel Wesson’s books!

Kindle Customer

This was a very well written book by Rachel Wesson and I enjoyed reading it. Ireland, coming to America, two sisters, horrible aunt and uncle, mail order bride taking younger sister with her, train robbery, a death, wrecked train, a young man, bank, needing marriage, taken in by boarding house owner, sending a telegram, helping out, going to church, being snubbed, checking for reply, to be married, starting to have feelings for another. Will she get married? Will the train robbers be caught? Will she leave town? Will she have a happy ever after? I would recommend this book to everyone. I really liked this book a lot and I hope you will buy it and enjoy it as much as I did. Enjoy.

S. Hamilton
Good character development.

Nice writing. Obvious plotline. Only a small amount of self-recrimination, doubt & angst of the heroine, and that was toward the end (easy to skip over). Not a bad story, but author reverted to modern day slang at the end, which put me off. I'm not sure why so many of these young writers do that.
I plan on reading the rest of the series because of the good writing and editing and character development.


This is my second time reading the series. I needed to remind myself of my Clover Springs friends before I started some of the later books in the series. Love Katie and Daniel 's story. Finished the book with tears in my eyes.

Amanda Fraley

This book was so good to read! I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was exciting, sad and romantic all in one. I like romance books when they're filled with drama other than just romance. This book was great an I suggest you read it.