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Just Right: MMMF Bisexual Romance Box Set
Just Right: MMMF Bisexual Romance Box Set

Just Right: MMMF Bisexual Romance Box Set


4.30 (21 ratings)
Sometimes three (or more) is a crowd,
But sometimes something that seems too hot turns into something just right.

Life's been tough for Hannah, Ivy, Willow, and Billie, but fate has a double dose of love and happiness in store for each of them. What might feel like rock bottom is just the foundation for the perfect life.

Willow doesn't remember anything further back than waking up in a hot guy's car on the way to the hospital. Her own name is a mystery until she and Shane read the engraving in the locket on her neck. Together, the two embark on a quest to uncover her identity, but the longer she spends with Shane, and the more the sparks fly between them, the less her past seems to matter... until she comes face to face with it.

A chance encounter finally starts to reveal pieces of the puzzle, but even once her identity is uncovered, Willow's left with more questions than answers, like: Was she always in love with her gorgeous yet unobtainable childhood best friend Anthony? And how does that fit in with her growing feelings for Shane?

Things just keep growing more complicated, but complicated issues require creative solutions, and these two bi guys might have just the thing in mind. They know how to spark Willow's memory about some of the most pleasurable things in life and help her forget her problems by escaping into ecstasy with them.

Is this tangle of her future and her past too messy for her to handle, or will their new dynamic turn out to fit them all just right? Read her story and three others in this collection of books that each take place in the Just Us universe and that are linked by characters and setting.

One girl,
And all the hot guys she never expected to fall for.
Four romance stories full of heart, heat, and happiness.

Just Right is a bisexual menage & reverse harem romance collection with high heat MM and MFM scenes (swords do cross in this one). This box set includes four standalone books from the Just Us series: Just Passing Through, Just Don't Tell, Just Remember, and Just in Time for Christmas. The books have no cliffhangers and no cheating, but they do have a very happily ever after and lots of steam.