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Just Desserts: A Curvy Woman Romance
Just Desserts: A Curvy Woman Romance

Just Desserts: A Curvy Woman Romance


4.50 (181 ratings)
She’s a classy bakery owner waiting for her perfect match. He’s a blue-collar carpenter who doesn’t wait for anything. Can they look past their differences to find love?


After a nasty divorce, I’m determined to save myself for the perfect man.
Unfortunately, none of the men I’ve met can measure up to my ideal.
But when I hire a carpenter to do some work in my bakery, I start to see things differently.
Reece Murphy is a blue-collar working man—not at all what I thought I wanted.
He’s strong and sexy with a big beard and even bigger muscles.
Can I look past his rough exterior and see the good man beneath before it’s too late?

As a carpenter, it’s my job to build things.
The only thing I’ve given up on building is a relationship with a woman.
That’s why my work is where I put my heart.
When I’m contracted by a local baker, it seems simple enough.
But Cleo Boulanger is anything but simple.
She’s curvy, classy, and makes me want to taste her croissants.
Before the job is done, I’m determined to have my cake and eat it, too.

JUST DESSERTS is a short, sweet, steamy story featuring a strong, independent, curvy heroine and the man who wins her heart after it’s already been broken before. It is the first story in the Just Desserts series but can be read as a standalone with no cliffhangers and a HEA!

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“I love love love a BBW story! When the sweet curvy girl gets the strong alpha guy? It's enough to make a girl cry.” 5-Star Review ★★★★★

“Everything you need to keep you turning pages—hot, sexy men; steamy scenes; and some conflict thrown in. I cannot wait for what this author writes next.” 5-Star Review ★★★★★

“Just when you think C.L. Cruz has given you the best she could...she blows our minds out of the park with a new book.” 5-Star Review ★★★★★


Happy Reader
Sweet, fast read

Overall this was sweet and I really enjoy this author's books. A few parts I had to skim because otherwise I was rolling my eyes, the food fight scene (seriously? during business? come on!) and the part with her ex- that was most definitely eye-rollingly OTT.

rebecca cardenas
Good read

I absolutely love Reece he is now my new hot book boyfriend. Sorry Cleo you snooze you lose . Nice fast paced story.

Chriss M
Sweets for the sweet

Loved Cleo and Reece's story. Both willing to take a change with putting themselves out there and finding exactly what they needed.

Laura Watson
We can all use a HEA

An opposites attract romance both sweet and steamy. The food fight made me smile.