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Hopeless Pocus
Hopeless Pocus

Hopeless Pocus


4.40 (101 ratings)
A failed crime investigator turned interior decorator.
A strange new client who smells like rotting corpse.
A creepy old house known as Murder Manor. What could go wrong?
Witch out of water, Violet Vance, believes she's run out of luck. Actually, she never had any in the first place. The poor girl's not even a witch.
Or so she thinks.
Fired from her dream job as an investigator, Violet moves to the tiny town of Hex Falls seeking a new start where she decides to become an interior decorator. Being the only member of her family in a hundred years to be born without special powers, Violet understands she will never be magical. She's nothing but a plain old human. Then strange things begin to happen. The winds of change have blown into town. Violet's fingertips begin to twitch, and her nose to itch, and the picturesque waterfall next to her home starts flowing in the wrong direction. Her relatives are convinced it's a sign of impending doom. Then a long lost heirloom shows up out of nowhere and she's followed by an overweight talking fox who claims to be her familiar. But the slime really hits the cauldron when a head rolls out onto the carpet of her first-ever decorating job.
What’s an ex-crime investigator turned interior decorator to do—just let a perfectly good murder lie there unsolved?
Hopeless Pocus (Hex Falls Cozy Mystery Series, Book 1 ) is a humorous, full-length, paranormal cozy mystery, staring Violet Vance and a crazy cast of characters.Hex Falls Cozy Mysteries Series:
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For readers of Adele Abbott, Belinda White, Constance Barker, Amy Boyles and Annabel Chase.