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Hooked on You: An Annapolis Harbor Series Prequel
Hooked on You: An Annapolis Harbor Series Prequel

Hooked on You: An Annapolis Harbor Series Prequel


4.30 (73 ratings)

Hooked on You is the emotionally charged prequel to the Annapolis Harbor Series.

The new Assistant U.S. Attorney was the last person I needed in my business... or my bar. The way she walked in wearing a tight suit and red power heels, flashing that badge should be illegal.

Asking her for help was a mistake. Wanting her was a complication, one that I couldn't afford. We were from two different worlds.

Taylor was spoiled, privileged and in way over her head. I was just the bad boy that girls like her were attracted to, a passing phase. An itch to scratch.

I was no good for her and never would be.

New Orleans was a fresh start, a chance to reinvent myself and do some good. Too bad the first person I met was a grumpy bartender with a chip on his shoulder.

He said I knew nothing about his city, the people or what they needed. But one look at the bad boy bartender and I knew exactly what I needed. Even if I refused to admit it.

Gabe was a connection to the community. Offering to waitress at his bar in exchange for his help had nothing to do with his flexing biceps or tattoos.

He thought he knew me, that I couldn't handle him or the city... but he was wrong.

Hooked on You was previously titled Easy Moves, and includes a brand new extended epilogue.


Jacqueline C Hayes
Hooked On You

Good story. Real characters that you could feel what they were feeling even without the inner monologue.

I received the book for free for my honest review.

Fan girl
Gabe & Taylor

I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book. This book is the prequel to the Annapolis Harbor series and was previously titled Easy Moves.
Taylor is the new assistant US attorney in New Orleans. She has hopes to improve crime rates in communities and bring the tourist back to the area.
Gabe is a bartender who thinks he isn't worth more. He has so many dreams but a brief stint in jail as a teenager holds him back. And he definitely isn't good enough for Taylor.
I really have enjoyed this series and hope to see more.

I could not love this series more!

This has to be my favorite book of the series (book preseries?). My emotions were every where. I'm in love, I'm hurt, I'm anxious, I'm in love, I'm excited. Bravo!

soooo goood

Such a great read. One you will want to pick up immediately. You will be HOOKED and it is sooo worth it

Too Repetitive

The story itself was not bad, but the first forty percent of this book just repeated the characters’ self-sabotaging mantras over and over again. She cannot believe she left her brother but wants to explore a new city but feels so guilty about her brother. He isn’t good enough for anyone since he is a convicted criminal. We get a brief reprieve only to have them sleep together almost out of nowhere. Definitely would have enjoyed more of a build up in this one.

Gabe and Taylor

Taylor moved to new city, New Orleans to start her job as assistant U.S. attorney. She wanted to blend in and work on community outreach and she ended up at a bar but someone at the bar was really rude. She was trying to help the city but he didn't believe her and offended her in more ways.
Gabe never thought he would be facing another law enforcement. He made a mistake before and he paid with his record. He won't ever do that again. When Taylor shows up at his bar makes him nervous and he asks her to work as a waitress so she will experience the city and people.
Gabe never thought Taylor would show up and work at his bar. He felt so bad, he decided to show her around as peace offering. He thought she would be another rich privileged brat but she wasn't anything she expected. She was nice and humble but he is afraid he will never be good enough for her.
Taylor felt bad being away from her family especially from her autistic brother. She feels she is responsible for her brother and she felt bad staying away from him. She has enough worries but she is really to try new city and Gabe is making it a bit easier.
Gabe has been keeping his distance from Taylor worrying he won't be good enough for her but he can't keep the distance forever when she is so close and other people are near her. Taylor is sure she will be back to Maryland and it will last as a fling.
As they stay together, things were getting better until his insecurities and her brother causes more issues. Are they strong enough for each other?
It was a quick read. It was different take on two troubled people coming together and finding their happiness.
I have read several of books from this author and I enjoyed them all.
I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving a free copy.

karen lathbury
Broken but Heal Each Other

Taylor, an ADA, is given an assignment in a increasing crime area in New Orleans. She meets grumpy Gabe when she goes to meet with a bar owner and the attraction is immediate. There are so many facets to this story, Taylor's guilt leaving her family and autistic brother in Maryland to Gabe being so damaged due to his childhood, getting involved with the wrong people and spending time in jail. With his inability to trust anyone he almost loses the best thing and the first time he has ever felt love .
I received this ARC from Hidden Gems for an honest review, so glad I did!

Overall good story

Gabe and Taylor are total opposites who are attracted to each other from the getgo. Gabe is a bad boy, while Taylor is clean cut, working as an Assistant US Attorney. While they are having their differences in the beginning, they connect with each other when Taylor offers to work as a waitress at the bar, to connect with the neighborhood.

While the story is enjoyable, I felt like a little “umph” was missing in the entire story to make it more sizzling.

I voluntarily reviewed this book after receiving a free copy of it.