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Her Maine Distraction: A Small Town Firefighter Romance
Her Maine Distraction: A Small Town Firefighter Romance

Her Maine Distraction: A Small Town Firefighter Romance


4.70 (118 ratings)

After catching her boyfriend with another woman, Ellie Harris’s life is turned upside down. She’s left with no home, no job, and nowhere to go. Not knowing what else to do, she flees to Pine Cove, Maine, needing a weekend away with her best friends.

It’s there in that small coastal town that her friends have all found their happiness, and she could use a little of that for herself. And while a new man is the last thing she needs in her life, Tyler Taylor isn’t a man easily ignored.

As the town’s most eligible firefighter, Tyler is used to having women fall at his feet with just a single look and a flash of his dimples. But Ellie isn’t every woman. So, when she utters that little two letter word he so rarely hears, it only makes him want her more, and if she’ll give him just five minutes, he’s sure to convince her that he’s just what she needs – the perfect distraction.

**Her Maine Distraction is book 4 in the Pine Cove series and a full-length, standalone, steamy, contemporary, small town romance. If you love yourself a sexy, charming, firefighter who's built like Greek god and loves tasting his woman's goodies (did I not mention she's the new baker in town?), then please, read on!


A warm story

Tyler and Ellie meet because of family and friends. Once Ellie moves to his small town, they decide to be friends and that quickly takes a turn..I love the friends bunch and the small town and the warmth of the story I love that Tyler is so invested. Ellie needs to smarten up. She lets that chip.on her shoulder linger. This story is well written and has fully developed characters that work well together.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

ARC Review

This is a small town romance novel. I normally do not like small town romances due to the lack of storyline or conflict. This book is a definitely an exception. I loved this story and was hooked from the very beginning! This is a must read!

Good series

I liked this series, despite having lots of cheesy dialogue and some spelling and grammatical errors. Overall they were good, low stress, steamy, and happily ever afters. Ashley was my least favorite character so her book was my least favorite. Probably Mel and Alex were my favorite book, or Jake & Ally.

Nate D
Tyler & Ellie

I enjoyed Tyler & Ellie's book. Good characters. It was an entertaining, fun read. I got a copy of the book. And am voluntarily leaving my own opinion.

Kindle Customer
Her Maine Distraction

Another good story by this talented author. I have enjoyed reading her other stories and I look forward to reading more.

Kindle Customer Joey Bowden.
4 for 4

Elizabeth and Tyler, what a story, this is the fourth book in the Pine Cove series. Once again the writer delivered. Bad break up, betrayal, redemption, HEA that was perfect.
Super Steamy !!!!
Great read.

luv to read 27
A clean start

Loved the book. New author for me. This book is part of a series but the 1st book I am reading. I'm planning to read the others in this series based on how good this one was. Ellie walks in on her live in boyfriend cheating on her and packs up her life to go visit her friends who have all found happiness in Pine Cove, Maine. Once she gets there she decides it might be the place to restart her life just minus a man. Tyler is a firefighter and known ladies man who feels something special for Ellie. She wants no part of him so he suggests a friend's with benefits arrangement so he can win her over. Will Ellie take a chance...considering he is the brother of one of her best friends husband and if things crash and burn she won't be able to stay in town. I am voluntarily reviewing an ARC of this book.

Love this series

The last of her friends to move to Maine. Ellie is on her way after a devastated breakup. One of the Taylor's brother is interested in her but Mel isn't looking for a relationship. Tyler is determined to change her mind. He comes encounters a lot of obstacles. As they engage in a relationship; Ellie's insecurities and Tyler's past threatens their relationship. Looking forward to the next Taylor brother's story. Engaging sweet read from beginning to end. Recommended read.
I received a free copy of this book from hidden gems and am voluntarily leaving a review.