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Have You Ever Wondered What You Will Be?: A celebration of every child’s dreams and boundless potential!
Have You Ever Wondered What You Will Be?: A celebration of every child’s dreams and boundless potential!

Have You Ever Wondered What You Will Be?: A celebration of every child’s dreams and boundless potential!


4.80 (14 ratings)
Have You Ever Wondered What You Will Be? is a joyful exploration of this universal question that children often get asked. From dreaming of becoming an author, a programmer, or a teacher to daring to become a pilot, a marine biologist, or a doctor, this book presents an array of career choices for our future bright sparks to consider.Featuring children of different races and embracing diversity and inclusivity in every page, this book celebrates big dreams and even bigger possibilities for everyone from age 6 to 106.With exuberant rhymes and a timeless message of hope and encouragement, this book is perfect for any child with a dream or for any reader—young or adult—that contemplates their place in the universe and the bright futures they have ahead of them.Gorgeously illustrated with whimsical artwork by Chiara Nasi, this book would make the ideal gift for celebrating life’s milestones such as a graduation or a birthday, or for anyone who’s about to embark on a new chapter in their lives.To those who dare to dream and follow their dreams with the exuberance of a child, no matter what phase in life you are in right now, this book is for you.Get your copy of this book today and inspire your little dreamers to follow their dreams!

Have You Ever Wondered What You Will Be? is:
  • a poetic and joyful celebration of every child's dreams and boundless potential,
  • a timeless and inspiring gift for a graduation or a birthday,
  • recommended for fans of Oh, the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss,
  • the perfect read-aloud book for story time at home or in the classroom with a fun learning activity at the end of the book,
  • complemented by free online resources to enhance your child’s reading experience. Teach your child positive affirmations for success and the definition of each profession featured in this book by visiting


Barbara Mojica

A beautifully written rhyming picture book with a message to inspire young and old alike. The dreamy, soft illustrations complement the crisp, catchy rhymes that motivate one to read them out loud.

Wonders inspires wonder with her message that you have the potential to be anything you like as long as you are willing to work hard to achieve that dream. She warns that it may not be easy. There will be failures and setbacks along the way. The most important message is never give up.

The author includes a picture quiz that requests readers to guess the profession and also provides a link to free printable pages that detail different professions with positive affirmations for success.

Parents and teachers can use this book to stimulate discussions on career possibilities or to teach what skills are needed in our communities. A good book to keep on a library shelf in school or at home or to give as a gift for a special occasion. Recommended especially for elementary school students but appropriate for any age.

Rosencrantz Jones
Very sweet

So many things to be when you grow up. Beautifully illustrated, it will give any child a wealth of ideas and possibilities!

A timeless message of embracing each person’s unique potential.

Discovering one’s true calling is no easy feat, and it is a process undertaken by children and adults alike. Four young friends are gazing into individual mirrors, examining the reflections of what may come. A baker, an aviator, an artist, and a scientist, the four progress through the story while developing their individual skills and desires. Though it is not always easy and time moves ever onward, perseverance and tenacity guide these children to the boundless potential within each of them.

This beautifully designed picture book is stunning before the book even opens. Watercolor illustrations depict the wonder and possibility inherent in children as they investigate their dreams. The four friends reflect a variety of skin tones, reinforcing the message that people of all backgrounds have the potential to succeed. Soft greens, blues, purples, and reds color the images, each one a dynamic and detailed treat for the eye. Readers of all ages will appreciate the thoughtful design of every page and the elegant balance struck between the text and the accompanying visuals.

Written in rhyme, only a handful of words and phrases are found on each page. Though the meter is not always consistent, occasional passages are presented so well they are a joy to read aloud. Varying font sizes, colors, and placement give the text a fluid and elegant presentation that pairs beautifully with the illustrations and promotes textual awareness in young readers. Encouraging readers of all ages to continue pursuing their ambitions even, and especially when challenges arise, the inspirational message of boundless potential is ubiquitous.

At the end, readers will find pages of potential career paths and an accompanying activity to reinforce the possibilities ahead of them. A note from the author speaks to the child within readers of every age as the search for one’s true calling does not end in youth. Well suited to be read aloud both in a classroom and a home setting, this lovely story is one that will be enjoyed throughout the years for its important and timeless message.

I received a copy of this book from Reedsy and I chose to leave this review.

Merry Jelks- Emmanuel
An Awsome Book!

This book has so much potential. It is beautifully illustrated and the words really take hold. I see it as an opening for talking to children about goals and aspirations and building on their dreams. The story itself will draw children in and have them thiking about their futures!

Wonderful journey

Wonderful illustrations, story and playful font. A great tool to explore in a classroom too. Discovering all the possibilities is a lot of fun.

Granny Loves to Read
Good read

Wonderful book with beautiful illustrations to help a child wonder what they will be when they grow up. Parents and kids will enjoy reading this book together and discussing what kids will be when they grow up. Also included are some fun activities for kids to do. Good family read.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Suzy Davies
Thought-Provoking, Empathetic, Realistic AND Imaginative

Once again, a clear favorite from author Wonders whom I spotted very early on.

This book, written in verse, demonstrates a deep understanding of the inner life of children growing up trying to find their own little niche in a cut-throat competitive world. It is a story about dreams and wishes in life, and a tale of ups and downs everyone meets along the way as they strive to reach their goals.

It cautions about being self-limiting and encourages kids to go into the world with guts and determination. All written in language that is meaningful to a child of say 7 or 8.

"Do you Dream of things that seem out of reach,
Do you daydream a lot,
When you're out on the beach?"

The voice is wise and motivational:

"So it's never too early,
It's never too soon
to wonder what
you will be
and reach for the moon"

An excellent book that focuses on career aspirations and invites kids to think about what is right for them. I can see this book being useful at home and in schools.

At the end of the book, there are little pictures of children with clues as to what they will do for a living, and readers are encouraged to say what profession or job is depicted in the illustrations.

The illustrations were whimsical and colorful, although I have to say, I did not like them quite as much as in the first book.

Overall, I recommend this book without hesitation.

Suzy Davies, Children's Author, "Luna the Moon Pig"