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Hard Hart
Hard Hart

Hard Hart


4.30 (74 ratings)

It’ll take a tough woman to win this Hard Hart…
Krista Matthews, a hard-headed, hard-fighting rookie cop, is determined to prove herself on the force. It’s not just a man’s world anymore and she'll show them all she’s up to the challenge, even if it means putting up with the advances from her lecherous mentor, Myles Slade. However, Brock is even more stubborn than she is, he’s all male, all alpha—and whether she likes it or not he’s made keeping her safe his number one priority. He doesn't realize she doesn't need protection; she can take of herself and then some.
Brock Hart, bodyguard and retired special operative, has never known anyone like Krista. Ever since their first meeting, when she pulled him over for speeding, he’s been drawn to her. She infuriates him, challenges him, and has gotten under his skin in a way no woman ever has. He’s kept people at arm’s length all his life for good reason, but Krista won’t stand for it. She wants to know everything about him, and that puts him on edge. But one drunken night together changes everything. Their worlds are rocked, and Brock’s quiet, introverted life is threatened forever. Which may be exactly what he needs.


Great book and author

A great book, loved it and the author. Once you finish you’ll want to read the rest!

Hard Hart

Krista's patience is unlimited. From dealing with a sexist mentor at her job to putting up with a uncommunicative male to trying her best to live life, she has her good days and her bad days. Will she survive the attacks that life has thrown?

Amazing start to the series

This was my first read by Whitley Cox and I can tell you right now this will not be my last. This story had so much going for it, a kick butt heroine, over the top alpha male hero, really good drama, danger, some violence, and some super hot naughty bits! Krista not really giving in at first and just bowing down to what Brock was throwing down, loved it! I can't wait to see what comes next in the series. I give this 5 stars.

Nice story

Krista isn't having the best day been a rookie cop on traffic duty she pulls Brock over.
Brock has just timed slowing before the traffic cop pulls him over.
The two meet again when she calls in the pub to drown her sorrows and a mutual itch is scratched.
Circumstances bring them together again, she wants him to open up he wants to try.
Things aren't going too well at work and a colleague is causing problems and maybe not just to her.
I loved the spirit of Krista and the Harty boys definitely can't wait to read more from them

Really good.

4 Stars from Renee!

I was pulled right into this story. The story has laughs, secrets, pain, and heartbreak.

This is Krista and Brock’s story. Krista is a cop who is working hard to prove herself. She has to deal with a lot on the force but is willing to take the extra time to prove she can do the job. Brock was pulled over for speeding and has since formed a friendship of sorts. He is used to keeping everything really close to the chest and she is all about find all the answers. When he sees something that he can protect her against he helps out but she thinks she can handle it on her own. Will it push them apart or draw them closer?

I loved these characters and the side characters. I felt I could connect with the characters and the story was a great read.

I recommend this book.

The Harty Boys #1

4.5 Stars
This was a good read that had me hooked right from the beginning. I loved Brock and Krista. The way they come together may be unconventional, but you can't deny they have chemistry. I loved how protective Brock is of Krista. It shows you the teddy bear side of him when it comes to Krista. I really love the Hart family. I was a huge fan of the brotherly banter. Though this book has many playful moments there are also serious heart stopping moments. There are moments this had me gasping. There are a few characters that needed a dose of karma. One character in particular is a nasty piece of work. This book has me definitely wanting to read the rest of the series.

Jennifer Pierson: The Power of Three Readers

I've been a fan of Whitley Cox from the very first book I read by her, so she's on my go to author list & I'm always super excited when I get to read another new book. I realize that Hard Hart came out a cool minute in the past but it's new to me. Krista is a rookie cop, and we all know that the blue can be a good old boys club, but she's determined to shatter glass ceilings, however, the man who is supposed to mentor her is truly a scumbag so things get dicey because of his actions. She & Brock hookup one night after seeing each at the bar, as the sparks are flying. He's been intrigued by her since she pulled him over so you know, fate is starting to work in mysterious ways. Little do they know that that night is about to change their lives, so let the new journey begin. There's so much going on in this story that I found myself on the edge of my seat cover to cover so brace yourselves for a wild ride coming up. These two are both in a dangerous career so it's only a matter of time which finds Krista staying with Brock so he can help keep her safe. I LOVED this story HARD but I know I'm biased so I'm going to tell y'all to hit those one click buttons to decide for yourselves! HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO ALL!

Millennial Life Crisis Bookshelf
Get ready for this new series from Whitley Cox!

Get ready for this new series from Whitley Cox! This book was definitely different than the typical books I’ve read from Whitley, and a lot saucier, but I loved it! Krista is a rookie cop who has just found her passion for the law and being a cop, but is paired with a mentor cop that is bad news and using his power and authority the wrong way. Brock grew up as a cop’s son, and after the death of his father he assumed that role towards his younger brothers. After serving and returning home, he opens a security firm with his brothers and keeps a low profile. When Krista and Brock meet at a bar after a rough day and end up having a one-night stand, they never think anything will come of it, until Krista finds out she’s pregnant. I was on the edge of my seat while reading, more for what was happening in Krista’s work life, and felt that the romance aspect of the book was secondary in this storyline. I also loved getting to know Brock’s brothers and his mother – it seems that they will be the comedy throughout this series. I did love that Whitley took a different approach with Krista’s occupation and showing that women are strong and not the stereotypical damsel in distress. With an explosive ending to this book, I am excited to see where this new series takes us while also seeing Krista and Brock’s relationship grow along with their child!