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Gizelle's Silly, Soggy Day
Gizelle's Silly, Soggy Day

Gizelle's Silly, Soggy Day


4.90 (14 ratings)

Gizelle the silly sheep is about to find out who her real farm friends are when she wanders from the flock and falls through a bridge into a rushing creek during a rain storm. Gizelle's fleece soaks up the rain water and she finds herself stuck at the bottom of the creek. She can't get up!

The flock's watch dog, a border collie named Gracie, gets to work right away. She calls the other farm critters to come rescue Gizelle but these animals are natural enemies and really don't want to get near each other. But the critters learn to work together for a common cause as they take turns squeezing the water from Gizelle's soggy fleece in their own unique ways.

In Gizelle's Silly, Soggy Day geared for ages 3-5, Gizelle learns that day that differences can become strengths when threatening circumstances arise. The lesson your kids will gain from this book is that all types of people, no matter their skin color, or where they live, or how they look, can work together for a common cause.