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Fudge & Felonies
Fudge & Felonies

Fudge & Felonies


4.60 (70 ratings)
These are some killer cupcakes.

Ava Decker has fulfilled her dream of becoming a bakery owner. Now that she's claimed her inheritance, she can show off her killer culinary skills as a pastry chef. Soon customers are dying to try her delicious sweets.

But when one of Ava's chocolate fudge cupcakes turns up at the murder scene of a calorie-counting beauty queen, it's a sticky surprise nobody expected! The police are sure the bakery owner is innocent, but they are quick to accuse her best friend of the crime.

This pastry-chef-turned-sleuth and her cute kitty sidekick soon have their hands full of suspects. Can the dessert-loving duo follow the cupcake crumbs to the real killer? Or is her bestie destined for a life behind bars?

Fudge & Felonies is the second scrumptious cozy mystery in the Frosted Misfortunes series from Lisa Siefert. If you like cute animal sidekicks and bonus recipes, then get your copy now so you can enjoy this sweet whodunit!


Summer Hedrick
Another great whodunit

Another fun whodunit with Lucky! I really like all of the characters and can't wait to continue with the series. And this one included recipes!

N K Stevens
Fun book

I am really enjoying this fun series. I can’t wait to read the next book. Ava and Lucky are so interesting and fun to follow.

Tari H.
The series keeps getting better, Lucky is cuter and the cupcakes sound even yummier!

I'm loving this fun series and the author's sense of humor that she shares with her main character, Ava! I had a gut feeling about whodunit, but I let other suspicions get in the way and at times, I wasn't sure who to trust. The showdown was a really good one, and I'm sure Ava was grateful for the new gift she got from a friend, because it saved the day.

Little Lucky just gets cuter and cuter! Yep, I'd be achoo-ing just like Shelby if I was around him, but I know I'd want to love and cuddle on him like she did. I got a kick out of Ruby having to watch him and stating that Ava was the only one she knew whose pet required 24/7 attention lol. I just borrowed the third book that came out this month from Kindle Unlimited and can't wait to dig in!

Sweet, fun read

Ava Decker, owner of frosted bakery, has a way of stumbling onto murder victims. Ava has to figure out the clues to clear her best friends name. I read it in one sitting. Cute story.
I was given a free copy in return for my honest review.

Emma Jordan
Fun read

Really enjoy this series, characters are funny and the banter between them is unique. Mystery is always throughout the book.

Lil Niwotrd
A great mystery series

It is great fun to follow Ava Decker, the heroine around around the small Maine town while she solves mysteries and runs a bakery that makes the best stuffed cupcakes in town (and the recipes for her stuffed cupcakes are in the back of the book, for you to try!). I enjoy Ava's funny quips and her observations about life as she moves through her day and the surprise twists and turns that keep me guessing until the end of the book.

Huskie Heaven
A Cozy Cat Mystery

Fudge & Felonies by Lisa Siefert is the second book of the Frosted Misfortunes series and keeps you guessing & laughing until the end! Ave with her constant companion, Lucky the cat are hot on the trail of a killer,. Seems every lead she has leads to another suspect until she becomes one. Ava’s motto – don’t mess with my friends. Getting into the beauty pageant world was not what she had planned, especially with Lucky’s fascination with ribbons. When the promotor is a sexy, multi-millionaire offers to help it gets interesting.

Johnson Knowles
Didn't Finish

How clueless can one woman be?