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Fragile Scars: A Forbidden Romance
Fragile Scars: A Forbidden Romance

Fragile Scars: A Forbidden Romance


4.40 (97 ratings)


I swore I'd never love anyone. But that all changed when I met Lilah, my new neighbor.

One look at her deep blue eyes and shy, teasing smile, and all I want to do is take her in my arms and protect her forever. The attraction between us is undeniable. The passion she stirs in me is like nothing I've ever experienced.

There's only one thing stopping me--the man who calls himself her boyfriend. The one who lies to her. The one who hurts her.

I'll do anything to get her away from him.

If only I can get her to trust me first.


I may appear to have it all--a great job, a cool apartment, a gorgeous boyfriend . . . but underneath that perfect exterior are bruises left by a monster who claims to love me.

I'd lost all hope of escaping, until I met Damian.

I know I shouldn't want him. I know I shouldn't cling to him like he's my last hope of survival.

But I do it anyway. And it may cost us everything.

Fragile Scars is the 1st book in the Fragile Hearts series. All the books in the series are interconnected standalone romances with a different couple, but past couples and characters do make an appearance in later books.

Author Note: This story contains realistic depictions of domestic violence, as well as sexual and emotional abuse. If these are triggers for you, please proceed with caution.


Camille (bookish.cami)
5 stars

This book may contain triggers for some so read all warnings prior.

Fragile scars was absolutely beautiful, I really enjoyed this book. So many emotions I felt it all. Lilah started dating a guy in college who slowly turns into someone completely different and she doesn't know how to completely walk away from her horrible relationship. Damian sees her at a bar and tries to make her smile, he reads her emotions well and knows. Even though she's a complete stranger when they become neighbors he gets to there for her as a friend. But they slowly realize they are ment for so much more. Damian and Lilah are perfect for each other. This book is well written and I was drawn in from the very beginning.

Jennifer Rose
Abusive relationship and a savior

Even though I gave this book 3 stars that does NOT mean it is terrible. I do think that the way the story flows, the concept, the story it all was very well put together but it just wasn't my personal preference.

I truly loved how Lilah had Damien to help her when she was in that abusive relationship however I don't feel like it was entirely accurate on portrayal of that friendship.

I hope no one ever has to go through any form of abuse from someone they love, unfortunately, I did go through abuse with my first husband and this is why I found certain parts a bit unrealistic. However, that doesn't mean that they can't happen because everyone's story is different and not the same as mine.

I don't feel like she would cling to Damien as fast as he did. She would have trust issues, she wouldn't want anyone to find out about it because that would mean more abuse would come.

At the end though it was a very well put together book and I feel like there will be many individuals who read this book and absolutely love it. Give it a try, you won't have the same experience as anyone else when reading this!

Romance Reads Reviewed by K ~Kristien~
Heartbreakingly beautiful

Fragile Scars is a heartbreaking story. I had so many emotions while reading it. This is Lilian Harris debut novel, and she didn't disappoint. I really liked her writing style.
Damien has a traumatic past with an abusive father and thinks this will cause him to be alone all his life. The way he saw himself pained me. He is so sweet, sensitive, and hot. I love a man who can show his feelings. Damien is the perfect book boyfriend.
His neighbor Lilah is in an abusive relationship, she is desperate to get out, but her abuser is blackmailing her, so she is trapped. She is so brave and strong. I admired her for getting out of her relationship and fighting for the life she wants.
Damien and Lilah have an instant connection. They learn they can overcome the past together. Damien cares so beautifully for Lilah, it was so sweet.
Fragile Scars is an emotional story about hope, healing, trust, second chances, and desire. The author did a great job of sharing a powerful message. It wasn't something I usually read, but I enjoyed it and will read the other books in de series.

Triggers Warning: this book does contain graphic depictions of violence and non-consensual sex.

I received an ARC from the author and am leaving this honest review voluntarily.

L. Figueroa

What an amazing journey!! This book was definitely a journey. You are sucked into this amazing world and follow these characters through so much!! You know Fate had a hand in all of this and the way the author tells their stories is beautiful and precious. I loved every aspect of this book. The author took a subject that is so dark and so horrific and told it in a way that gives you hope and gives you faith. I can’t say enough good things about this book. I won’t spoil it for you, but you definitely need to read this one!!
A new author to me but I will be reading more of her work!!

Narissa @Pretty_Book_Whore
A must read

A shocked yell came from me when I read to be continued! Talk about cliffhanger! Jaxa doesn't believe he deserves happiness because of what happened while he was in war. Lexi doesnt think shes beautiful enough for any man. These two start being friends with benefits saying they need to keep feelings from it. But that's not possible with Jax being such a nice guy.
I cant wait for the rest of their story! That cliffhanger was a shock!