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Fit for a Queen
Fit for a Queen

Fit for a Queen


4.40 (28 ratings)
She holds the secrets of a queen. He’s been hired to watch her.

Daniela D’Ambrosio is the most trusted employee of Sarcaccia’s Queen Fabrizia, managing the queen’s schedule and ensuring she never makes a misstep in public. But when Fabrizia sends Daniela to organize the belongings of San Rimini’s late queen for a charity auction, Daniela finds a locked closet full of treasure, a suspicious king, and an attractive handyman who seems strangely familiar.

Following a harrowing stint in the military, Royce Dekker now runs his own security firm in San Rimini. When he goes undercover to safeguard the late queen’s possessions, Royce learns that the woman organizing the auction project is none other than Daniela D’Ambrosio, the stunning beauty who’s fueled his late-night fantasies ever since their stolen night under the stars.

When Daniela recognizes Royce, she realizes there is more to the palace job than she was told. But can she trust the sexy man standing guard over her as she works? Or will Royce discover that Daniela also has secrets to uncover?

Fit for a Queen is the first book in the Royal Scandals: San Rimini series. The six-book series includes:
• Fit for a Queen
• Going to the Castle
• The Prince’s Tutor
• The Knight’s Kiss
• Falling for Prince Federico
• To Kiss a King


Chance encouter

“Funny how life works. One conversation, one chance meeting, and everything changes.”

This is a story of how the stars aligned to write Royce and Daniela's story. You will enjoy the deeply romantic gesture. It will have you swooning. A mystery with a splash of romance

Mel M
Charming Love Story

What a pleasant surprise Fit For a Queen was. I really wasn't sure what to expect but I am a Nicole Burnham fan so I knew I would like it regardless. But, I was wrong. I didn't just like it, I loved it. There's not a lot of high drama or action packed sequences or nail biting suspense. Instead you get a charming love story surrounding another love story. Royce's and Danila's love evolves amid reminiscences of the love between King Eduardo and Queen Aletta of San Rimini. As both Daniela and Royce carry out their assignments; hers to catalog a queen's wardrobe, his to try and catch a thief, their easy friendship turns into so much more. They challenge each other in all the best ways and move into a love that will be everlasting.

You will like most of the characters. Good story--relax and enjoy.

As usual with Nicole --she tells a Great story.

Great romance

I read this book as a ARC, and loved it all the way. The character development is great, so is the slow starting romance for Royce and Daniela. I loved the way they worked through their issues and figured out their future together.
I will be rereading this book over and over again.
This book is stand alone, but characters from prior books reappear.

Kindle Customer
Liked it!

There was a lot of history in this book and too descriptive and could have had fewer chapters but the characters were interesting.

Faith W Kaupu
“Fit for a Queen” — Another Hit by Nicole Burnham!

Another exciting, fascinating, intriguing read and again, Nicole Burnham transports the reader to a land of beauty, romance and HEA’s! “Fit for a Queen” is a successful launch of another successful series of stories that will keep readers impatiently coming back for more! Can’t wait to return to the royals in San Rimini!

Great start for this new series!

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started this book - what sort of conflict could come up with Daniela to move the story forward. While she does work for a Queen - and there’s nothing ordinary about that - what could go on in the life of an ordinary person like Daniela, that’s going to keep me reading? But Nicole Burnham has never let me down before, and so I trusted her to pull me in to the story.

I have to say, I really enjoyed this book. Nicole did an excellent job of keeping me rooting for Daniela and Royce. When they first met, all I could think was that it was too early! They can’t have their HEA yet! But it was necessary to have them meet when they did, and even with their connection, they knew it wasn’t time yet. That decision set them both on the paths to their futures - without each other, and with each other. Nicely done, Nicole. It was a quick, but excellent read and I look forward to the next one.

Romance Sprinkled With a Bit of Romance

A delightful royal romantic story with a bit of mystery. Royce and Daniela meet during a evening out. They spend quality time together before they go their separate ways. King Eduardo has noticed some of the deceased wife’s possessions are missing. He hires Royce Decker, undercover security expert. Royce and Daniela meet years later while she is working at the king’s castle. Royce, working undercover in a security position at the same castle He is posing as a painting contractor. Daniela is categorizing the deceased queen’s wardrobe. Many of the wardrobe pieces will be auctioned off to benefit local charities. It’s interesting in seeing how Royce and Daniela become closer while working at the King Eduardo’s castle. What a wonderful happy ever after story!