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Finding Love in Seaside, Oregon
Finding Love in Seaside, Oregon

Finding Love in Seaside, Oregon


4.30 (126 ratings)
Runaway bride Christina doesn't think life can get any worse than spending her honeymoon alone...
until she arrives at the Oregon Coast to find the old Victorian bed and breakfast flooded. Dave, the owner, had been asking God for a wife right before Christina sailed through the door in her wedding dress, and when his cook quits due to the broken pipe, he offers the position to Christina. Could she be an answer to his prayer? Christina, though thankful for the job, has been praying over her fiancé for years and is not ready to give up on him. Can God bring both Dave and Christina a happy ending when they are asking God for two different things? Read this sweet prequel novella to the Resort to Love Series following five different brothers who find love. And make sure to watch for the movie, Finding Love in Big Sky, based on the second book in this series.


Love this book!

I loved reading another book by Angela Ruth Strong! So full of Scripture, sweet romance and lessons learned. Thank you Angela!

Karen S
An encouraging read

Great reminder of God's love and sovereignty in our lives. Loved the character development and storyline. Always enjoy a beach setting.

Mary Fuller

It was pretty predictable. But it was an easy read,if want light read this is a great book, would recommend.

Amazon Customer
Love is of God...

Good wholesome love story with a happy ending. Great example of putting God first and waiting for Him to work out the details of life and love.

Ellen Oceanside
Timing For Right Person

Good love story, and the timing when right, will bring the right person for you. Enjoyed.

D. Cozzone
Clean Romance Story

Enjoyable read about the importance of letting God lead you to the perfect lifelong mate. This story of Dave Christina, and the jilted groom is about patience, healing, and renewal. I enjoyed the many Scripture references and biblically based decisions. I reccommend it highly.

Kindle Customer

A very sweet story of waiting on the Lord and His timing. Well done story with very good characters. Really enjoyed the friends and siblings.

Waiting for God's timing

This runaway bride story starts after the bride has left the wedding venue and is already on her own, but does she ever make an entrance when she flips the light switch. While seeking reassurance that she made the right decision, Christina doesn't appear to miss her ex-fiance all that much. She admires Dave, the manager at the Inn, and she appreciates his godly advice and biblical wisdom, but maybe he's not really interested in her romantically. Even so, they enjoy jogging together and he even gets her to join a soccer tournament. This is a great story that reveals how God shapes our interests through the events in our lives and prepares us for our future love and life. It has a lot of humor and gives you a brief introduction to Dave's brothers.