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Drawing Lessons
Drawing Lessons

Drawing Lessons


4.60 (57 ratings)
What would you risk for love?

He made her feel things she didn’t come here to feel.

She expected a classroom, figure models, other students. A paunchy, balding art teacher who couldn’t make it as an artist.

There was none of that.

Instead it was just her in a picture perfect studio, dappled with light and shadow. And a gorgeous teacher … who also doubled as the figure model. When the figure model wasn’t her.

She thought she’d sit down, start sketching, while away a pleasant Saturday morning and forget all the troubles lying in wait for her back in her real life.

Instead, he asked her to draw blue. All she could manage was grey.

Then he sent her away.

But you don’t survive in her world by giving up that easily …

“White hot” Kirkus Reviews