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Dragon Claimed
Dragon Claimed

Dragon Claimed


4.60 (217 ratings)
She was going nowhere. Until he showed her the way.

Elly Gordon’s family is a hot mess. Her dad’s new girlfriend is up to no good, and her sister keeps trying to drag her into the drama. Sick of being stuck in the middle of it all yet again, she flees the latest family gathering…right into the arms of the most gorgeous man she’s ever met. Tall, mysterious, and devastatingly hot, he seems determined to whisk her away from it all. And she’s more than ready to go.

Dragon shifter Dresdin Rixa needs a distraction from his clan’s ridiculous fear of vampires. As far as anyone can tell, the vamps are gone for good. Creating a multi-clan strike team is a total waste of time. He’d much rather be spending his time with Elly, the stunning human woman he can’t wait to rescue. She’s everything he’s ever wanted in a mate and he’s going to claim her as his. He won’t let anyone stand in his way.

As their romance grows, an unseen enemy grows in power. Holding their relationship together shouldn’t be this complicated, but an unexpected emergency at the Gate to the Otherworld puts everyone in terrible danger. If his ragtag team can’t stop their enemies, Dresdin might never get the chance to make Elly his mate.


Kindle Customer
A surprising gem

I had to take a brief break because reading 2-3 of these a day, I was seeing too much repetition. Having had that break by reading other author's, I've realized this is entirely normal. As is the infrequent editing errors. This has three dimensional characters, a decent (if drawn out) back story, happy endings that still leave you wanting to read the next book, and decent (if slightly limited) understanding of how some real people think. What it's mostly missing is the unending repetition of every story and character that came before and seemingly unending self analysis, that higher priced/better known authors use as page filler to get away with charging ridiculous prices for their books. Weird rant for the 5th part of a long series, I know, but this author is highly underrated, and I'm just now realizing it. The story is great, the backstory seems like it was always headed in this direction, rather than grasped at in desperation, and I'm definitely looking forward to reading more. I love that Addy has found her way into this one as well, and that the author trusts our intelligence enough to remember characters and places we've already become familiar with.