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Double Down the complete series
Double Down the complete series

Double Down the complete series


4.70 (87 ratings)
Washington DC is hiding a secret.

It reaches the highest echelons of government.

Can this team expose the truth?

Private security force Double Down are the only ones who can take down the threat. When his sister is kidnapped, Navy SEAL Bradley has to face his feelings for Alexis as they work together to get her back.

Double Down operative Mint has to track down and protect Emma. But things aren’t what they seem. Can he keep them both alive long enough to uncover the truth?

Megan has a dark past. And it’s back to haunt her as she teams up with FBI agent Adrian. Together they take down a rogue FBI agent with a deadly weapon.

Senator Rachel refuses to be a victim anymore. She’ll fight back against the blackmailer in the final story of the series. Steve is a fugitive on the run. But when Rachel’s life is threatened he’ll stick around to protect her.

Can the team compile the evidence to expose this plot?

Find out today.

*Christian romantic suspense*