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Divine Nature
Divine Nature

Divine Nature


4.90 (12 ratings)

As the Duke of Beridon’s youngest son, Galen grew up in his brothers’ shadow. Bullied and harassed, he was never able to stand up for himself. When Galen finds something he is willing to fight for, he finally does; with disastrous results.
Fleeing a broken heart and a brother’s corpse, Galen leaves his home and heritage behind. He travels to the distant city of Davram hoping to learn magic. Real, control the forces of the universe magic, not the street corner charlatan variety. What he learns is even more amazing.
What men call magic is actually the power used by the Maker to create the world. Yes, the Maker is real, but unfortunately so is the Destroyer.
In order to save his home and family, Galen must learn to control forces that he barely understands, stop an invading army and defeat the embodiment of evil. And save the world.