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Determined: Ghost Cat Canyon
Determined: Ghost Cat Canyon

Determined: Ghost Cat Canyon


4.90 (10 ratings)

An ancient tale tells of a powerful shifter who loses his heart to a human.
Their love is doomed by a father who disapproves.
Is the curse still alive and well?

Cade Waverly is a decorated member of Delta Force. He has come back to his small town in the Idaho Panhandle to lay his mother to rest.

Trey Mitchell is the self-assured girl next door who has loved him for as long as she can remember.

After a night of secret and undeniable passion, Cade leaves her sleeping in order to return to his unit and to keep her safe from the dangers that lurk everywhere in Looking Glass Falls.

When their paths cross in the Capitol, will Cade and Trey find the courage to face down the evil that kept them apart?

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