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desolate: A forbidden Romance
desolate: A forbidden Romance

desolate: A forbidden Romance


4.40 (193 ratings)
The line between right and wrong is razor thin—and crossing it could be as beautiful as it is ruinous…

I had a plan. I was going to finish high school, attend seminary, and finally answer my calling. Becoming a priest was all I ever wanted.

Until her.

Grace Miller was always the one who could steal my breath with a single look. She was perfect. Out of my league. I never thought we could become more than friends.

But we did.

On the path I’ve chosen—the path that chose me—our love is forbidden. Wrong. And that doesn’t seem to matter when she’s in my arms.

There’s a crossroads ahead of me and a battle raging in my head. Eventually, I’ll have to choose a side. But how can I choose between Grace (my heart) and what I know in my soul I’m meant to be?

Desolate is the first book in the Grace Trilogy. It's a sometimes sexy, angsty, slow burn contemporary coming-of-age romance. Download today and experience first love all over again in this forbidden romance.


Oh my aching heart!

“Grace is my undoing. Hearing her name makes me feel like I’m coming down with a fever only her touch can cure.”

This book has totally obliterated my heart. Grace & Sol are so perfect! Childhood friends to lovers. Forbidden because Sol wants to be a priest, but is in love and lust with Grace. He’s at war inside, and doesn’t know how to make it stop. This book was so complex, and I loved the emotions it evoked within me.

I loved the depth of this story so much. This is my first Autumn Grey book, and it definitely won’t be my last.

Beautiful and angsty

This was an incredible read. I was in my feelings right along with the main characters. I cannot wait to read the next book in the series.

Sammie Shorter

My first read by this author. The story was quite interesting, although I'm not really connecting with the heroine, Grace, just yet. You can feel Sol's attraction to Grace as it leaps off the pages.

Kindle Customer

What an emotional roller coaster! Grace and Solomon are great characters with depth and intrigue. This is going to be quite the journey and I can't wait to read the whole series. I highly recommend this book.

Pretty good

**Audiobook Review**
I enjoyed this story. The narrators did a pretty good job. I liked the storyline of this book. And it was nice to see how Sol was torn between his choices. I thought he was good for Grace and he brought friendahips she probably would not have had. I'm a sucker for friends and lovers books though. Gotta see what happens in book 2.

Kindle Customer

Autumn Grey never ceases to amaze me with her flawless storytelling ability. Every time I read one of Autumns books I always feel a sense of nostalgia. I absolutely loved this world that the author created and all it's characters. Sol and Grace were PERFECTION, my chest cracked wide open and my heart poured out my chest reading this story. The author delivered an unforgettable, sexy forbidden, all the feels story that will leave your heart in tattered pieces on the floor. Grace and Sol shared such a special connection, a connection I felt in my own heart. The angst and tension between them just flowed off the pages and straight into my heart. This couple will forever hold a special place in my heart forever. That ending nearly killed me, I don't think I started breathing properly again for hours. I am so read for the next book!

M Moseley
Not a stand alone

This book is part of a series. Books in series can be stand alone with hints of action in next book. Not this one. It is not a stand. alone. Plus the conflict is one dimensional and goes on and on.

A mess of words that amount to nothing

I don’t know what to say, but I’ll say it anyway, this book is very dull and uninteresting. The chemistry between the characters is lacking.

I began this book on a Sunday, and got bored within the third chapter so I started to skip pages of pages of idle words and still found myself reading on Thursday wondering if anything of interest would happen. Sadly, nothing changed from the focal point of the plot line.

It’s essentially a book where one start to read and torture themselves to finish just because.


I will unquestionably not be getting the other books in this series. If boring was a person this book fit the account to a tee.

Pass. Hard pass.