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Dead Folks' Blues: A Harry James Denton Novel
Dead Folks' Blues: A Harry James Denton Novel

Dead Folks' Blues: A Harry James Denton Novel


4.50 (19 ratings)

"A deft, atmosphere-rich novel: smart, funny, and filled with a sense of wry heartbreak. Steven Womack's Nashville stands out--it is a beautifully drawn backdrop." -- James EllroySharp-tongued journalist Harry James Denton just got divorced...and fired. Oops. In this thoroughly satisfying Edgar winner, our witty, wry, hardboiled protagonist is nothing if not adaptable: he sets up shop as a part time car repossessor and private investigator. Since he’s new to both businesses, he’s barely scraping by-- until an old flame knocks on his door.Rachel Fletcher is Harry’s college sweetheart, the cause of sleepless nights and years of wistful longing. She’s reentering his life as a client, though-- she’s married to a foolhardy doctor who loves to gamble. Apparently, the doctor’s risky addiction has plunged him deep into trouble with some shady characters who keep threatening his life.Frightened, wealthy Rachel seeks out Harry in hopes that he can discreetly tail her husband and track down his would-be killers. But Harry soon learns that the doctor has a ton of enemies...and that vengeance will be swift.Thus begins a gripping, action-packed mystery series that borrows from classic noir traditions while also infusing favorite private eye elements with a heaping dose of sardonic 90’s humor. Part classic P.I. caper and part love letter to Nashville, it’s no wonder this book was the winner of the 1994 Edgar Allan Poe Award as Best Original Paperback.Incidentally, each installment afterward won or was nominated for a major mystery award, with the fifth book—A MANUAL OF MURDER—winning the Shamus Award. A not-to-be-missed series!