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Darling Bay Beginnings: Three Heartwarming Beach Reads
Darling Bay Beginnings: Three Heartwarming Beach Reads

Darling Bay Beginnings: Three Heartwarming Beach Reads


4.50 (48 ratings)
Set in Darling Bay, these three heartwarming stories will welcome you to the town and introduce to all the hilarious characters of the small California coastal town.The Darling Songbirds:The saloon had always looked old-fashioned, but now it resembled a set in a ghost town. The boards creaked under Adele Darling’s feet as if they hadn’t been stepped on since women wore hoop skirts. Cobwebs on the porch slung themselves from top beams to bottom ones, and an old wagon wheel leaned against a hitching post in front. It was as if the sidewalk had been poured right around the post, and her Toyota hybrid looked completely wrong parked next to it. It should have been a horse.The building is a ruin, the business is broke and customers are scarce. Add into the mix Nate Houston - the handsome, guitar-playing bartender who had always believed he would be the next owner - and Adele has one potent cocktail on her hands.Can a rundown saloon in a sleepy town finally offer Adele a way into love?Blaze:Grace is doing just fine—she doesn't need help, especially from a man whose very nickname is unhealthy. Tox Ellis is the hazmat expert at the Darling Bay Fire Department, and he knows what compounds to keep apart to prevent explosions. Why, then, can't he seem to stay away from Grace, the woman who seems to think he needs fixing? Is Darling Bay ready for the chemical reaction Grace and Tox generate whenever they're in the same place at the same time? And who will be standing by to put out the flames?On the Market:Liam Ballard is good at buying houses, fixing them up with his brothers, and flipping them for a profit. When Felicia from the network shows up to offer them a reality show (the brothers renovate a house while one of them dates the buyer), the pay is too good to turn down. With it, they'll finally be able to open the after-school program for at-risk youth to honor the man who raised them. But when the very LA-like Felicia decides she'll be the buyer of the property (and his date), Liam wonders for the first time what set of keys he'll want to pass over to her, and will one of them unlock his heart?“Relationships are at the heart of women’s fiction, and Herron could teach a master class on creating them.” Chicklit CentralScroll up to Click Buy!


Entertaining collection

Easy to follow stand-alone novella’s. No editing errors, gratuitous violence or drag-you-down drama. Not all questions are answered.

This collection of stories centers around Darling Bay. Each story is about a particular family and focuses on the character. It is not a collection about each sibling. Realistic procedures, actions and reactions. Believable dialogue and characters with distinct personalities.

“Molly said being a nutritionist on a cruise ship was like being an abstinence counselor at an orgy.“

No desire to re-read this collection. I am interested in other works by this author.

Hope A. Dougherty
A must!

This book is a must for anyone who believes in magic! The magic of beginnings, second chances, laughter, love, humor, friends , family, community, small town coziness! Awesome!

Kindle CustomerRuth Silva
A terrific read!

I wish there could be more than five stars, because I would certainly give it ten stars! I really enjoyed reading this series of books. They were very entertaining and very well written! I was sorry to have them end!