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4.00 (18 ratings)

Jack White is the owner and manager of a profitable funeral director's service and crematorium. He finds that his wealth begins to increase dramatically, after a chance encounter with a certain Dr Sharif, who is willing to pay him large sums of money for access to certain organs or body parts strictly without the consent of the prospective donor's or their families. Everything is going fine until certain recipients of such organs, find that after their transplant operations, they begin to develop strange new talents...


Very Interesting Book

This is a book that made company at work I do work Graveyard shifts and I love it

Thomas Nessman
Justice Gone Awry?

The story begins with a running start. An immoral and corrupt doctor and owner of a crematorium hatch a nearly fool proof plan to get rich. A family needs.hard to obtain body parts (heart, corneas, kidneys, lungs, etc) for their son or daughter who will assuredly die without a transplant. But the list for matching donors is long, and the family is just one of a long line of hopeful recipients. But for a hefty price, a donor is usually found immediately. Courtesy of the doctor who finds the body of a deceased individual, and simply removes the essential organ or eyes. Then the owner of the creamatorium, disposes of the body, and any evidence of wrongdoing. The organ removal having been done without the consent of the deceased, or knowledge of parents. But one by one, all the recipients start dying off at the hands of vengeful spirits. Justice gone awry. The recipients had no knowledge of where the organs or eyes came from, but do find out near the end and attempt to make amends. By attempting to bring the doctor and owner to justice:

Kindle Customer

I enjoyed it. Not your typical horror and easy reading.

Elizabeth Harris
The dead remember

This book kept my intetest from 1st page. It was like karma in this book. You cant hide from your evil.. if you like zombies you will probaly like this book. I enjoyed it

Ruth Ann

Maybe I read a different book from all the other reviewers but I thought this book was pretty bad. The punctuation, to start with, was atrocious. Commas where there shouldn't have been had me rereading sentences many times to understand the tone. None of the characters were well developed and the transition back and forth between them got confusing. The subject, to me, seemed far fetched. Maybe if the book were longer some of these issues could have been worked out but the subject was still unbelievable.


Not a terrible book, not a great one. It bounced back and forth from person to person to person enough to be confusing at times. The plot was a bit weak at times and I never found a character that I could really connect with.

Rhonda A

This was definitely not what I thought it would be like. But it sure was worth the read! Thank u!

Kindle Customer
Too confusing

Too many protagonists. The writer rotates among them over and over. The writing's stilted, some grammatical errors and just a mess. I could not finish this valiant effort. Try again R.R Sechi.