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4.40 (5 ratings)

I came here for a do over, but the past has a way of repeating itself. It torments me, playing over and over again in my brain.Nothing can stop the memories.Not until I see her.Everything changes the moment I see her delicious curves and pouty lips. But it has nothing on the haunted look in her eyes.I want what I can’t have, but I never was good with rules. From USA today bestselling author, Yolanda Olson and Abigail Davies comes the beginning of a thrilling forbidden series. Corrupt is the prequel to “a tale of treachery” series.


Bookish Barbi
Just enough to snag ya!!!

These ladies gave me enough to wet my tongue and tantalize me.

There isn’t much I can say since it’s just a snippet of a series by two phenomenal co-authors.

It’s free so give it a chance and then pre-order book one, Duplicitous, like i did.