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4.50 (273 ratings)

Bookish, snarky, and fiercely independent Nate Boudreaux leads a solitary life. Between teaching classes at the university and working toward his PhD, he doesn’t need a partner to occupy his time, and he certainly doesn’t need a man like Alistair Drake complicating his future.

Alistair Drake, black sheep of the tremendously wealthy Drake family, is more interested in adding another notch to his bedpost than another zero to his bank account. When a Grindr message brings him to Nate’s doorstep, then straight to his bed, he has no reason to believe that what they share will be more than a simple hookup, until, three months later, a tug on his soul informs him otherwise.

For the Drake family has a secret—one that will force Nate and Alistair together as much as it will demand that they be torn apart. One that Alistair and his brothers have carried all their lives… and one that Alistair and Nate’s future children will carry, too.

Bound to each other by three precious impossibilities, Nate and Alistair have no choice—no matter the consequence, they must fight for their forbidden clutch.

Clutch is a 64,000 word steamy omegaverse mpreg-ish romance that will leave you in stitches. It contains a Grindr hook-up gone very wrong (or very right); giant magical lizards; a pig named Olive; a wank throne; and a HEA, right down to the white picket fence.


Dragons Are Real!

Alistair and Nate have a hot Grindr hookup and never expect to see each other again. Then a couple weeks later Nate gets the surprise of his life. Dragons are real and he's going to be a father! You won't want to miss what happens when Alistair and Nate reconnect. I loved this story and highly recommend to all.

Great beginning to the series

Alistair and Nate's story has plenty of snarkyness, hot steamy sex, romance, and adorable baby dragons and mischievous dragon eggs for all. Truly recommend reading this book

Astrid Holm

I really wanted to like the book. The premise sounded amazing, and I am a sucker for a good MM M-preg book.

But. Wytad? That sounds like a word a novice fan fiction writer came up with. It does not sound like a good pet name or something you will call your lover. It completely threw me off, and is the primary catalyst for the 3 stars.

Honestly, there are a ton of words from different languages that could be tweaked a bit and sound better than ‘wytad’.

I’ll read the other books in the series, as the storyline is great and the side characters are driving the story. But please, find another word than ‘wytad’.

Dragons, dragons

When Nate puts a Grindr request for an alpha to see him through his heat, he gets more than he bargained for. Alastair is a dragon. And despite the odds being against it. he gets Nate pregnant,
Nate lays 3 eggs and to protect him, Alastair steals his omega and eggs away to his penthouse. Their clutch is unsanctioned and they're going to have to fight the council and some unsavory Topaze dragons to keep their family safe.
This was a wonderful introduction to the insanity of the Drake clan. A fantastic series. Original, hilarious and great fun.

jennifer woodrow
Here there be dragons

I enjoyed this book tremendously. It was warm, loving, a bit erotic, a bit thrilling, and quite a bit funny. The characters had well thought out personalities. The editing was done nicely and rarely were there mistakes. I’m going to start on book 2 right now.