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Caridee: The Long-Leggedy Chickadee
Caridee: The Long-Leggedy Chickadee

Caridee: The Long-Leggedy Chickadee


4.20 (10 ratings)

Caridee: The Long-Leggedy Chickadee is a fun and vibrant children's book that parents and kids will love — teaching each other that while we may all look different, those differences should be loved and accepted.

This book is interactive, with a search-and-find game throughout the book. A ladybug can be found somewhere on EACH page! The characters also ask the reader what is special about themselves.


fun read, check it out

sweet read, great illustrations. so fun

Darling and Unique

This is a fun, sweet book with a great message. I enjoyed the darling illustrations and looking at each page. Very visually interesting and eye-catching.

Julie Hanson
Love the message!

This is an adorable story of acceptance and loving yourself for who you are. The illustrations are lovely with a simple but powerful message. A perfect bedtime story and a wonderful addition to any child's home library. Recommended reading!

joe porcelli
great book

Run a daycare my kids ask for this book. they love the birds and finding the lady bugs. thanks for a great book

Virtuous Cornwall

Beautiful story about comparison; its important to know you’re different and that’s okay. Good read, this story will be good to explain uniqueness or diversity

Very cute, we are all different and loved!

I love this book and kids will too, simple loving facts about life. We are all loved and very special! Thank you to this author, can’t wait for more.

Book Lover
Gorgeous illustrations!

A charming book with stunning illustrations. Worth buying! A delightful look at differences that includes illustrations that could win awards.

Lieve Snellings
A lovely hymn to be 'different'

In an easy way the author explains that it is OK to be different. How boring would the world be if we were all the same. I love the message that whatever size or color we might have, there always is something to be proud of. And ending by asking the kids who read the book, what makes them special, is fantastic and encouraging the child.
The drawings are beautiful and illustrate so well the story.
I really recommend this book.