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Body in the Woods
Body in the Woods

Body in the Woods


4.50 (165 ratings)
A peaceful village. A buried secret. Will the hunt turn deadly?Private investigator Carlos Jacobi is looking forward to a peaceful Christmas in the Peak District with his sister and his beloved dog. But when the ex-police dog unearths the body of an elderly man in the local woods and an old enemy turns out to be the lead investigator, he's forced to make a decision. Either he leaves his incompetent nemesis to jump to the wrong conclusion or he gets involved. When the victim's family ask for assistance, his resolve weakens and he's soon investigating a strange murder.With fractured relationships and family secrets, Carlos discovers villagers are not what they seem. When another body shows up, and Carlos is attacked, things go from bad to worse.Bad blood between him and the lead investigator threatens to cloud the investigation as neither man can bury the past. Working with an old friend helps keep him focussed.Can the canny investigator sift through the lies to get to the truth?Body in the Woods is the first in a twisty new series featuring private eye, Carlos Jacobi. If you like dogged detectives, twists you don't see coming and likeable sleuths, you'll love this man and his dog murder mystery.Buy Body in the Woods to find out whodunnit today!


Little Bird
That was good

This is a really good book, after following his girlfriend, Rachel Prince through her cruise adventures. I always wondered why her Carlos was at home and only mentioned on occasion. This puts it all together and was a really good read! So happy the author wrote about Carlos and his family. Really good murder mystery too and good character writing. (I rarely give 5 stars, but it’s a high 4!)

by Snow Tiger
Great New Series by Dawn Brookes!

This is the first in the Carlos Jacobi book series by Dawn Brookes. Ms. Brookes continues to write with the same smooth flowing style, researched facts and strong story lines, and incorporating a keen sense of humor to break the tension at just the right time. However, instead of being set on a cruise ship as in her Rachel Prince book series, Carlos Jacobi is a PI who, with his 3-uear old English Springer Spaniel, Lady, is drawn into a murder mystery while on vacation visiting his sister and brother-in-law Derbyshire, a county in Central England. One murder turns into two and Carlos, with his friend, Detective Sergeant Fiona Cook, are challenged with many possible suspects. The twists in the story kept me reading and trying to guess the real killer.

I found the characters to be very believable and easy to love...or not! Ms. Brookes finds the words and descriptions to make them dimensional, with human flaws and strengths. I recommend this book to those who enjoy a cozy mystery that will keep you guessing to the end.

Death Deserved?

Intriguing mystery with many twists and turns. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a investigating mystery. Worth the reading.

Very Good

A good book from cover to cover

I stopped reading her other series with Rachel too...

This author has a pleasant writing style and there is nothing wrong with her very nice characters. I feel as if I am reading a book that is written for a younger reader though. There is nothing wrong with that - I loved my Nancy Drew books. I jumped from Nancy to Scarlett and never went back. Cozy reads are definitely hit or miss with me. This is a miss - as was the cruise ship series that I tried very hard to like.

It will keep you wondering right to the end!

I got my first introduction to Carlos in Rachel's cruise series. He was likeable then but now on his own he came across as very bright and caring. Carlos was simply visiting his sister and brother in law for the holidays and found himself working a murder for their neighbor! I don't want to give to much away because the book is so good you will love it!

M. E.
Good spin off

Like this spin off of the cruise ship series.

jean buck
Who did it?

A very believable mystery story. Very well written. I found this book difficult to put down. Looking forward to the authors next book.