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Billionaire Factor—Bryce: Billionaire Romance, Age Gap Romance Older Man
Billionaire Factor—Bryce: Billionaire Romance, Age Gap Romance Older Man

Billionaire Factor—Bryce: Billionaire Romance, Age Gap Romance Older Man


4.50 (407 ratings)
My back is up against the wall.
He’s an uncompromising billionaire.
I have one card left to play. Desperation.

Once, I had it all. Then, I made a fateful mistake that cost me everything.

On the brinks of financial disaster, I’m forced to rebuild my life.

Now, I’m about to meet Bryce, a Silicon Valley trailblazing billionaire in the Big Apple for business.

A man who never takes no for an answer.

A man who knows what he wants.

A man who gets what he wants.

Sometimes in life, desperation is the only card you have left to play…

USA Today Bestselling Author Scarlett Avery brings you a provocative billionaire romance.

Author’s Note: Previously released as Unbearable Passion and Undeniable Lust.

Billionaire Factor Series

Six possessive billionaires (Nikolaj gets two books). Six uncompressing seducers. Six domineering moguls for whom money is no object when it comes to the woman who brings them down to their knees…

These billionaires will undoubtedly become your next string of obsessions.

Proceed with caution… these devastatingly sexy billionaires will wreck you for all other book boyfriends.

Trust me, it’s worth the risk. Binge-read to your heart’s content.


Kindle Customer
Ok but the F word is used too much

The story was mired down with pages and pages if "f" words and sex. Oral, Anal, lesbian , straight. I just skipped about 5 to 8 pages per chapter. Would have enjoyed a fleshed out plot.

Cordula Stepp
No romance, no love, just sex.

Struggled to get to 59% and then I quit. I waited for the character development and the romance but zilch. The choice of Bryce to add another person to the sex was the breaking point. F on F link didn't add to the story line for me.

Kindle Customer
My absolute favorite

No matter how many times I read this, I fall more in love. It is the definition of literary perfection.

Linda Educate
Great read

Undeniable Lust is a must read book. Once I started reading it was hard too put down. OMG, so much sex.

Kindle Customer
Excellent love story with funny and remarkable characters.

I started reading the book Undeniable Lust and could not put it down. Sofia was so full of self doubt when her business and her reputation were damaged and lost. In comes Bryce and restores hers business and her reputation with his undeniable love.

Beth Klug
Sofia and Bryce

Sofia had lost her business and her money to her ex partner. She got a job at an escort service where she met Bryce a billionaire and so the adventure begins. Loved it, couldn’t put it down, an all nighter.

Hot and cold

The book had its moments but somewhere along the line it lost me. This is rare DNF for me, which is unfortunate. Will not be reading the accompanying books in the series

Kathy Darlene
Pretty woman rewrite

Ahhh ok book. Girl gets swindled. Girl needs Money fast. Joins escort service. Her first client falls in love with her. Blah blah blah. HEA. The end.