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Arc Of A Shooting Star: Life Gets Complicated
Arc Of A Shooting Star: Life Gets Complicated

Arc Of A Shooting Star: Life Gets Complicated


4.70 (44 ratings)
I was happy—or so I thought… until the day I nearly died. When you rub shoulders with death, it brings a certain clarity of mind. That was the day when everything changed...
Wealthy, independent, alone, my name carved forever into the history books—my legacy complete. What more could an ex-rock star wish for? A lot… apparently.
Just a simple walk in the Yorkshire Dales with my dog. Who would have thought such an innocent pleasure would turn my world upside down and inside out?I reunited with my friends.I reformed the band.We embarked on the “Resurrection” tour of the British Isles.I fell in love along the way.All good - right?
Take a missing master tape, a scheming ex-manager, a multinational corporation, a group of dysfunctional idiots, and a pot of gold, bake slowly and what do you get? A world of pain!
So, back to the day it all changed.Do I regret what I did? You bet I do!If given the choice, would I do the same again? Hmm… tricky question. I’ll get back to you on that one.
Amazon Review:
“Wickedly funny, heart-warming, touching and thought provoking. Arc Of A Shooting Star is one of those books you wish would never end.”

If you enjoy fiction which excites, entertains, makes you laugh-out-loud, and sometimes tests you, then start binge reading the Shooting Star series today, with the first in series.Genre: Omni-Genre
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