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Angels Of Omnis: Addiction
Angels Of Omnis: Addiction

Angels Of Omnis: Addiction


4.10 (2 ratings)
“Gossip Girl” meets “The Mortal Instruments”

"I crave her. I need her. I love her. And that is the reason, we will all die..."

I’m a proud bookworm who is jealous of the heroines she reads about. They’re always brimming with courage and going on adventures. The most courageous thing I’ve done is drink milk two days past it’s expiration date. Nothing new or exciting ever happens to me. I play it safe at every turn and live a spectacularly unremarkable life.


I was attacked by a hoard of Demons and rescued by the Japanese twins from my history class. They confess to being part of a six-member team of Angels; sent to earth to find me.

Wait, what?

It turns out, they are here to get me to reveal a secret; one I don’t even realize I’m keeping. If the Demons learn the secret before the Angels, they’ll use that knowledge to bring hell on earth. The twins present me to the team leader-- Marcus Cane. Marcus is stubborn and bossy. He’s also ridiculously hot. I forget how to breathe when he’s near and feel panic when he’s away. But we could never be together. He’s the most powerful Angel on earth and I’m, well…me.

Also, he has a girlfriend. She’s stunning, intelligent and quick to kill. That should have been enough to make us stay away from each other, it wasn’t…

****This dark YA paranormal romance has over 1,000 five star reviews and is perfect for lovers of Twilight, Fallen, and Immortal Instruments!*****

(Please note this series was previously titled "Guardians")

Books in the series:
book 1: Addiction
Book 2: aftermath
Book 3: Errant
Book 4: Inferno
Book 5: Affliction
book 6: Entropy
Book 7: Ensnared
Book 8: Ascension


Amazon Customer
Absolutely love these

Loved these books! Kept me interested from beginning to end and still needing more lol. Can't wait to see what happens next..

Kindle Customer
Worst book I have Read!

I really tryed to like this book, just complete waste of my day.

Only way for this book to be good is to take out Emerson. The Author destroyed this whole series with this character. Noone wants to read a book about a girl who thinks its brave to ask a guy out in front of the girlfriend and friends. All Emerson does is fake feeling guilty and need this guy, saying he loves her, for her to actually speak.

He would never be in love with 2 differnt types a girl and a woman. Emerson reminds me of a bratty yelling toddler.. Just horrible story...

Amazon Customer
Good book

This was a good book just hard for me to get into. I enjoyed reading it and the author did a good job writing it.