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An Unwelcome Proposal: A Regency Romance
An Unwelcome Proposal: A Regency Romance

An Unwelcome Proposal: A Regency Romance


4.30 (142 ratings)
In this enemies-to-lovers regency romance by USA TODAY bestselling and HOLT Medallion winning author BREE WOLF, an independent woman and a rake in love come to realize that the heart will not be denied…no matter how ill-advised its desire may prove.

CHRISTINE DANSBY never wanted marriage. While love and passion certainly seem appealing, they more often than not burn out, turning into resentment and animosity. No, Christine definitely doesn’t want marriage. Love and passion without marriage however…

Indeed, there’s one man in Christine’s life whose overbearing attitude and maddening opinions have never failed to make her heart beat faster. The moment they step into the same room, they cannot help but snap at one another, and yet, the fire in his blue eyes makes her seek his presence again and again. Drawn to him like a moth to a flame, Christine delights in the fact that he wants marriage even less than she does. Does that not make him utterly perfect for her?

WESLEY EVERETT, brother to the EARL OF HARRINGTON, never wanted marriage…at least not until he meets his new sister-in-law’s sister. Although every word to leave Christine’s mouth riles him, Wesley cannot stop thinking about her. Passionate and headstrong, she is a far cry from the dull misses who seek his attention, hoping for a proposal. Awed by her daring spirit, Wesley finally realizes that he cannot allow her to disappear from his life again.

And so he proposes…and she says ‘no’, ready with a proposal of her own. One he can never accept.

"I love the victorian novels and this one did not disappoint. If you like historical novels this is a book you will enjoy to the last page." - AMAZON REVIEW

"I laughed so much with this book because I really loved every detail of it! I enjoyed so much every aspect!" - Zan-Mari, AMAZON REVIEW

"I enjoyed this book from the turn of the very first page! The plot was well planned out and the characters so detailed that I stayed totally enthralled until the very last page!" - Pat W, AMAZON REVIEW