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American Journey: The First Three Novels
American Journey: The First Three Novels

American Journey: The First Three Novels


4.40 (157 ratings)

Meet a mysterious professor, step into a hidden chamber, and take the time-travel plunge! The opportunity awaits in the first three novels of John A. Heldt’s celebrated American Journey series.

In SEPTEMBER SKY, a reporter and his estranged son find southern belles, lawlessness, and danger as they travel to Galveston, Texas, on the eve of its devastating 1900 hurricane.

In MERCER STREET, a family of Chicago women, representing three generations, takes a sentimental journey to Princeton, New Jersey, in the turbulent months before World War II.

In INDIANA BELLE, a lonely doctoral student follows a trail to the Roaring Twenties, where a beautiful society editor, a cold-blooded killer, and a century-old mystery await.

Filled with history, romance, and adventure, the American Journey series takes readers on a ride through the most memorable eras of the 20th century. Start the journey today at a discounted price!


John F. Gaines
Master Storyteller, ... except ....

Note: this review applies only to September Sky, the first of three novels in the American Journey series.

John Heldt is an exceptionally good storyteller. I've read several of his books and intend to read more. He is an artist in his ability to paint his story with words. Reading his work is often an edge-of-your-seat experience because the reader is so anxious to see what is going to happen.

However, I think - at least in September Sky - that he used too many tricks (i.e. implausible resolutions to problems the characters faced). By definition, time travel literature involves the willing suspension of disbelief, but there should not be, over and over, situations resolved in a way that leaves one thinking "there is no way this could have happened this way." This is not a serious-enough matter to keep me from reading and enjoying his work, but it does reveal a flaw that keeps September Sky from being a five-star read.

Good, complete books, NOT cliffhangers

All three books were well written but I do NOT like the main character in the 3rd book. He was pretty much willing to screw over the guy who allowed him to time travel and had a general air of arrogance and 'to heck with everybody, this is what I want and I'm taking it.'

Lesley Wark
Fun journey to the past

Engrossing stories of historical events written from an unique perspective. They were very enjoyable and I like that some of them were just normal events in normal lives during time periods that are not often the settings of historical fiction.

Kindle Customer
What an Exciting Storyline!!

Time travel romance is one of my favorite genres. I was not disappointed with the time travelers and their adventures. I highly recommend "The American Journey" to all time travel lovers. Thank you for including the book within the Kindle Unlimted program so I had the opportunity to read these enlightening stories!!

I wish there were more

Book one was the best. The idea of time travel is amazing. Book two was a bit long in the tooth. But had plenty of twists. The 3 book kept me up till last 4 am. I found nothing to complain about or change


Can't remember these books.

Amazon Customer
Thought provoking travel thru time.

Anyone interested in the past, and future of our country should enjoy the intricacies of the stories in this trilogy. It was an interesting ride.

Lynn McDonald
What a great series!!!

I started out looking for a different book on my e reader and came across this and decided to try it. AM I EVER GLAD I DID. What great stories. Fascinating characters is each story and a great premise. I am loving each separate story and just bought book 4. If you like intrigue, good people and a great story that always has a surprise, then, I highly recommend John's books.