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Always Been You
Always Been You

Always Been You


4.50 (177 ratings)
Lately, Jessa Myers has been batting a thousand in the dating game. No exaggeration, it's brutal out there. But, she's not giving up. Doesn't matter how much she loves Elvis Pawsley and Marilyn Purroe, Jessa's determined not to become the spinster town cat lady.

Only one problem: No guy has yet to live up to her childhood crush/teenage infatuation/adult obsession, Ethan Steele. The big, bad, brooding U.S. Marshal is yes, ridiculously hot, but also way too overprotective. It's that way with everyone who knew her before her long-awaited heart transplant. They all get the same hyper-worried look when she so much as sneezes still. Sure, intense hulk-growl concern is swoony and all, but she wants a man to see her as more than that girl she once was.

So, if that means she needs to settle for someone not nearly as knee-wobbling as Ethan, then that's just what she needs to do...

Lately, Ethan's been at his wits' end. No exaggeration, loving Jessa for as long as he can remember hasn't been easy. But, she's worth it. Doesn't matter how much she insists that his mere existence in her past means zero possibility of a future for them, he's not giving up.

Only one problem: Jessa's been dating loser after loser to try and find her Mr. Perfect to one day marry, probably have more cats with, and a long happy future. She just refuses to believe Kade doesn't see her as the girl he once worried over. No, the only thing worrying him now is the stubborn beauty he's crazy in love with continuing to let her head overrule her heart and slipping out of his life for good.

So yes, asking Jessa to be his temporary fake girlfriend to avoid the very real incessant matchmaking they both endure isn't the most brilliant plan ever, but if it means they'll get their chance at forever, then that's just what he needs to do...

Stand-alone Whisper Lake romance, complete with HEA--and plenty of heat and heart along the way!

Author's Note: Always Been You was previously published as Whisper of Surrender